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Craig Donato & Oodles Of Online Classifieds
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A couple months back, prior to me taking vacation, I had a chance to speak with Craig Donato of Oodle.

Pheedo Gets VC Funding

For those too busy to read the entire post on Become below or who read it too fast to realize all the implications, I’ll make one of them simple for you by breaking it out. Pheedo has received a round of VC funding from the well known TransCosmos group. Not only did they receive funding but they’re also expanding into Japan with the assistance of TransCosmos.

Yahoo MindSet Search Launches

So Yahoo has launched a new customized search results feature called MindSet. Basically it allows you to determine the type of results you want. From the Yahoo! MindSet homepage you’ll see this description of the new custom search feature.

One of My Favorite Search Blogs

3 or 4 months ago I interviewed Phillip Lan the CEO of a new shopping comparison engine. After I posted the interview I was contacted by one Josh Stylman, the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Reprise Media.

Borgs At Google?

I’ve been meaning to post about the possibility of borgs at Google but just now got around to it. What the heck is a borg you ask?

My Google Portal Prediction Comes True

I’m not the type to toot my own horn all that often but sometimes it can be fun. Like when I make a prediction about the future business development path …

App Review: Backpack From 37Signals

I have been using the latest creation from 37Signals called Backpack. So far so good, it does a lot of what I need it to do in the way it organizes information and allows you to put all sorts of attachments on pages and get notified in the event of an update and securely share pages with other users of the system.

Email Marketing ROI Alive And Kicking

MarketingVox points to a story from eMarketer which cites data about email marketing and the return on investment associated with it. eMarketer said 63% of the respondants to their survey use email marketing to retain customers and increase loyalty.

Search Engine Fight: Yahoo Lunch vs Google Lunch

My wife and I have this inside joke about fighting. It was inspired by the film Zoolander, when Zoolander and Hans were competing against each other on the runway and Mugatu says…

Chatting With Konstantin Guericke CoFounder of LinkedIn

While at the Kelsey Group conference I got to chat it up a bit with Konstantin Guericke, the VP of Marketing and CoFounder of LinkedIn. We had a good conversation, but like all conversations at a conference, it went by way too fast.

Amazon A9 Search Engine: CEO Q&A

Yesterday there was a lively keynote by Udi Manber, the ceo of Amazon’s A9 search engine.

Comparing Search Engine Results – My Experiment

A couple months back I was covering the launch of a new shopping search engine. As part of my event coverage I was allowed to be part of the beta group, prior to the launch only a handful of people [mostly employees and family members of employees] were able to take part in the Become beta test.

Orlando Blogger Friends Are The Food Duo

One of my buddies works at a web development firm in Orlando and a couple of his coworkers put together an interesting little blog, FoodDuo.

Google Chasing Yahoo – Follow The Leader

Flashback 5 years just before the dotcom bubble burst and you’ll remember the name of another company that blazed the path Google’s following long before Larry and Sergey were even out of their dorm rooms. I’m talking about Yahoo!.

Blogs -N- Forums, What’s The Difference?

Tom put up a post about blogs and forums that’s quite noteworthy. I tried to comment on it at SVW but TypeKey crapped out on me so I’ll post my comments here.

Cookies vs Flash For Client Side Storage

I have mixed thoughts regarding the dispute between using cookies to store client side data [session vars, userid’s, affiliate codes, etc…] versus using cookies to store the data.

Q & A With Become CTO Yeogirl Yun

Last week, Become.com sent out a press release that talked about it’s patent pending ranking algorithm dubbed AIR.

Is Microsoft Spying On You With Windows Media Player?

I received the following email from Shane Hanson and I’m not sure what to think. Figured I’d post it out of curiosity to see what my readers think of the accusations here and to promote conspiracy theorist activity in general

CSS Branding Article Reader Feedback

Not too long ago I put up a post about my personal [possibly OCD] tendancy to prejudge a company based on whether or not they used CSS as the foundation for their html markup.

Interview With Nooked CEO Fergus Burns
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I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some very interesting RSS executives and CEO’s over the past few months.

TV Over IP Feedback

I’ve gotten a lot of verbal feedback from various technology marketing execs about Jeremy Allaire’s new company Brightcove.

Technology Review Magazine Displaying Ads

I’m not sure if any of you have noticed this lately or not but MIT’s Technology Review email newsletter has begun displaying small banner ads at the top of each email.

Basic SEO Answers For CFDynamics’ Newsletter

I just completed a question and answer session with CFDynamics, a ColdFusion Hosting company. The questions were geared towards their hosting customers with a basic understand of the search engines but little or no understand of search engine optimization or search marketing

Q & A With iUpload CEO Robin Hopper

I honestly didn’t “get it”. All the recent hype around iUpload bewildered me and I was unable to figure out what everyone was talking about.