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Search Guy Andy Beal Blogging Again

Andy Beal is blogging again. I didn’t think he could come up with a goofier name than Search Engine Lowdown but I never should’ve doubted his persistence.

Should Google Offer Free Urchin Web Site Stats?

A couple days ago I was thinking about the data you can gather from web site stats programs. One thought led to another and before I knew it I was thinking about Google and Urchin web stats.

Feedster CEO Scott Rafer Responds

One of the unique things about blogs is their uncanny ability to get information in the hands of the people that need it most. Of course the information needs to be good information, otherwise it’s useless dribble.

Feedster 500 List Is Dead Wrong

Okay so I took some time to review the first 100 blogs on the Feedster 500 [top 500 blogs in popularity as Feedster sees it]. Let me tell you, we’ve got a long way to go in blog search, ranking and categorization… this list is a great example of just that.

Dissecting Technorati Top 100 & Blog Ranking Algorithms

About 9 months ago I started working on a document describing the technical differences in blogs versus a standard website. I began that doc in order to determine how a search engine like Google might apply a different variant of it’s PageRank algorithm to blogs than it does for websites.

Google Geeks Beat Microsoft – Poetic Justice?

This is pretty funny. Out at LinuxWorld the Google Geeks went up against the Microsoft Voles in a battle of geek wits.

Yahoo Audio Search – Google To Follow Suit

You know it’s interesting how information has an intrinsic desire to be free. Kind of like the same way life is described in Jurasic Park.

Dishing Google AdSense Optimization Tips

My boy sneaky Pete has the skinny on some slick tricks for optimizing your Google AdSense revenue. It’s funny to me because by Google offering up such information it’s going to do two good things.

In-Flight Cell Phone Ban Lifting?

SmartMobs is a blog I really enjoy from time to time. Today they have a post about the an initiative a cell phone chip manufacturer and a professional association are trying to get passed by the FAA.

SpreadFirefox.com Hacked
· 12

I just got an email from admin [at] spreadfirefox.com saying the spreadfirefox web site had been hacked on June 12. Here’s the email…

Om Malik On Yahoo’s Lack Of Innovation

A few days ago I put my 2 cents in about how Yahoo made an incredibly stupid move by turning HotJobs into a meta search engine.

Doc Searls Defends Technorati

Doc Searls comes to Technorati’s defense regarding several posts based on the original Tom Foremski piece on SVW about the alleged blatant selling of Technorati to corporate America on a recent panel.

Yawn, Podcasting With Windows Media Player

Now if I endorsed anyone using the Windows Media player for podcasting I’d certainly be hung in the gallows.

Pay Per Call Heats Up

My boy Greg Sterling says the ppc [pay per call] space is heating up and cites Miva’s move into the UK and several insider conversations he’s had recently.

Technorati Goes All Corporate On Us?

SVW did a piece on Technorati’s contribution to the blogosphere and it’s efforts to monetize the data on the millions of blogs it monitors. Here are some excerpts from the SVW piece.

Google Squanders AdWords Campaign

I’m doing some research on t-shirts and always liked the blogger tees I got from Shellen. So I went to google and searched for Blogger tees. The first sponsored result above the natural results was for blogger but I was more interested in finding them at the Google Store.

Smart Parking Meters – City Life Worsens

I was reading a piece from CNet reporter Michelle Meyers on smart parking meters that monitor your parking space and when you leave they reset the counter to zero.

Content Spam Remix

With all this talk about remixes, Jeremy’s mulled it over and Wired did a nice piece on it this month as well… it’s got me thinking. IMHO Remixing is media spam. Let me explain before you tell me to shut up.

Blogging From CFUnited

So I’m at the CFUnited ColdFusion conference in Washington D.C. I got in yesterday and hooked up with the boys from CFDynamics. It’s always funny to finally meet people in person for the first time after working with them online for a number of years.

Podcasting Roadshow Stopping In Vancouver

In a related note, the podcast roadshow’s next stop is Vancouver. Eric Rice is the mastermind behind the string of podcasting and videoblogging events that have thus far stopped in Hawaii and Seattle.

iUpload Perspectives Integrates Google Maps

I’m playing around with iUpload’s Perspectives application that [in my case] is using the Blogger API to add a post to my blog but gives me a couple extra cool things Blogger and the other mainstream blogging apps don’t have.

Sites You Didn’t Even Know Existed

I’m in Birmingham Alabama this week. My family and I have invaded my brother-in-law’s house. Before you even think it, yes, they have the world wide web here in Alabama.

Price Alerts Don’t Promote Shopping Or Browsing

I had a talk with my brother-in-law [who lives in Birmingham, Alabama] after he read my post on Oodle yesterday.

Behind Become.com’s Second Round Of Funding

I’m sure most of you have heard Become has secured their second round of VC funding worth $7.2 million.