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Internet Marketing Is Like Fishing

“What on earth?!” I hear you say after reading the title of this article. But bear with me a moment.

Learn How To Market By Stalking!

In my opinion, one of the best ways to learn marketing is by “stalking” the experts.

Simple Solutions For Writing Paralysis

I find writing to be like pulling teeth.

Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy writing – when I’ve finished doing it. And I’m a quick typist, so the actual typing bit takes no time at all.

Losing Subscribers Can Be Good For Your Newsletter!

“Did I read that right?” I hear you say. “Why, when I have struggled so hard to build up my subscriber count, would I want to lose subscribers?!?”

You Need to Actually Start to be Successful!

It’s a very easy mistake to make. Heck, I was making it myself for a long time.

I had been reading every article, ezine, ebook and ecourse for the last 8 months that I could get my hands on. All of them were teaching me about internet marketing, creating my own products, running my own ezine, etc etc. Which was great – I need to know these things.

Niche Marketing Explained – An Interview With Rufina James

Q: What exactly do you mean when you talk about a ‘niche’ online?

Rufina: You can think of niche marketing as the opposite of mass marketing. Mass marketing attempts to reach the masses. The target market is huge and unspecified — basically the general population. But niche marketing offers a specialized or focused product or service to a very specific target market.

Expert Advice – An Interview With Willie Crawford

Willie Crawford is the owner of http://williecrawford.com, and has released several products (including tele seminar tapes, an internet marketing videotape series, and even a cookbook!)

Is FREE the Only Word You Respond To?

This article is going to start out sounding like an ad, but it quickly shifts to focus on the most important key to your success online and in business. You’ll neeed the background at the beginning to understand the rest.

Marketing Advice – An Interview With Sopan Greene

Sopan Greene, M.A. has studied and actively worked with personal development, leadership development, marketing and metaphysics for over 20 years. His web site is: http://www.NetMarketingMastery.com