About Jan Potgieter

Mr Jan Potgieter is Director of The Negotiation Academy Europe Limited, a negotiation skills training and consultancy organisation based in London and frequently conducting engagements in the USA and internationally. He is highly skilled in the science of negotiations based on real life practical perspectives as well as sound academic grounding in the principles of negotiations. Mr Potgieter successfully helps companies and individuals around the world reach their negotiation objectives through dynamic workshops and seminars. You can learn more about The Negotiation Academy - Europe at http://www.negotiationeurope.com and contact Mr Potgieter at 1 888 299 9733 or send an e-mail to janp@negotiationeurope.com for further details.
The Art of Negotiation

According to the dictionary, to “negotiate” means “to confer with another so as to arrive at the settlement of some matter.” Yet, it is a fact that nearly 75% of individuals faced with having to conduct crucial negotiations do not realise success at their negotiation efforts and rarely have a clue as to how to win more during a negotiation. Instead, most negotiators have learned only how to push against others, criticising and attacking rather than identifying one another’s strong points. Typically, criticism, rather than creativity, has become the norm during most negotiating efforts.