About Jack Jia

Jack is a founder and CEO of Baynote, a leading provider of on-demand Recommendations and Social Search for websites. Prior to Baynote, he was SVP & CTO of Interwoven with responsibilities in engineering, products and marketing. He was a founder and CEO of V-max America and led operating systems and applications development at SGI, Sun Microsystems, Stratus and NASA. He is a frequent conference speaker and writes regularly on key technology issues and trends.
Behavioral Targeting: Why This Hot Technology is Burning its Users

Privacy is Only Part of the Problem

Behavioral targeting (BT) has been around since the first dotcom days. In late 2007 it rose to fame again thanks to a few big promoters like Facebook; and in early 2008 it ignited a firestorm of debate that continues to unfold before us each day. But what is it, what does it claim to do and why the surrounding debate?

Applying Social Science to the Web

Imagine waking up one morning, and not seeing your family before you leave for work. You get to the office and all of your colleagues are invisible.

You know they are there, but you cannot see or talk to them. At lunch, all of the restaurants are empty as you eat alone. The only time you might see anyone after a lonely day is when you visit your local social network club to interact with complete strangers.