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Does Your Site Deserve Targeted Traffic?

Have you noticed how entitled some people seem to feel about getting targeted, interested visitors to their sites?

Video Syndication Equals Free Targeted Traffic

When article directories became the rage a few years ago, now with hundreds, even thousands of them all over the web, syndication became a serious business.

Taking Advantage Of Web 2.0 Marketing
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This is such an exciting time on the web for people creating magnetic sites filled with content their niche is after.

Convert to a Dynamic, RSS-Enabled Publishing Platform

Things have changed a lot for web publishers since I wrote the first edition of Power Linking in 2002. Back then there was only one option for publishing websites for the average, non-geek: static html pages.

Getting Quality Leads Through Targeted Traffic

If you are one of the tens of thousands of people searching for quality leads for your business everyday, you know how hard it is to find the precious few perfect business leads among the junk leads people are selling.

Is Blogging and RSS ALL THAT? Yes, and a bag of chips!

In a very popular marketing forum recently I saw a post that blew me away. It was from someone asking if having a blog was really that big a deal in marketing their website!

Search Engine Marketing Hype Killing Small Businesses

Think about the first thing you ever heard about “marketing a website” on the web. 99% of the time the first words anyone ever hears are “search engine marketing.” Or some semblance of the phrase.

Improving Your Conversion Reduces the Need to Constantly Promote Your Sites

I just got off the phone with Michael Fortin, one of the top copywriters and conversion experts on the web.

It’s All About The Leads: Publishing to Capture Profits

All online businesses are nothing more than lead capturing machines. They capture traffic from search engines and links from other sources and turn that traffic into leads which turn into sales of products and services being sold on their sites.

Website Promotion With Content Exchanges

Ever hear about an idea that is so simple yet so powerful, you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before?

Is Your Website Content Worth Reading or Obvious Search Engine Bait?

Webmasters are always looking for ways to increase their traffic and exposure. This is natural and will never change. No one is ever content with their traffic levels.

Focus On The Positive Side of Internet Business

A great series of articles showed up in this week’s Time Magazine focusing, for a change, on happiness and its effects on us physically and mentally over time.

Deep Linking Strategy for Content Sites

Linking – what a mess if you don’t know what’s going on. Either linking is “IN” or it’s “OUT” according to what you read these days.

Are You Down With OPP? Get High Rankings with Other Peoples Popularity

There are many “offsite” promotion tactics that work well to get high rankings. But nothing works better in my experience than publishing and syndicating information pieces or articles.

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

If you are confused about terms like “search engine optimization” or having a “search engine friendly” site, then listen up! I am here to help.

Are You An Investment Dummy Like Me?

I am good at a few things. I can certainly market well and I consult with others about how to bring more attention to their products and services on the internet for a living.

Active vs. Passive Website Traffic Generation

Many of my clients and list members ask the same questions when it comes to generating website traffic. From the questions, I can sometimes pick up a thread of misunderstanding about website promotion. One of those threads surfaced last week and turned into this article.

You Don’t Have TIME to Sit and Wonder When The Traffic Will Come!

There is so incredibly MUCH you can do to successfully promote your website starting in just a few minutes. In fact, the steps I will give you below can be repeated DAILY for 30 days, an hour a day, for 30 hours of hard-core, tested, proven, traffic-nabbing, sales-producing, profit-driving, marketers’ bliss.

Why Some Experts Are Completely Wrong About Linking

Why Some Experts Are Completely Wrong About Linking And How You Can Get Your Website Marketing Back on Track!

4 Ways In Which You Can Achieve Critical Mass

Critical Mass Website Promotion is the elite goal rarely attained by website marketers in any industry. Reaching critical mass and getting targeted website traffic on autopilot (meaning you don’t have to promote your site for 6 months and the traffic NEVER declines) is the Holy Grail of internet marketing. When you hit critical mass in your market, things change drastically for you and your business. Your marketing efforts go down in direct proportion to your customer support and sales going up. It sounds awesome. It IS awesome. But only a tiny fraction of websites on the net ever achieve critical mass. Here’s a nutshell version of what it takes.

Insight: Failure and Success In Online Business

Creativity and Determination are the KEY ingredients in all online success stories. So many times, as a moderator and participant in the net’s most active and lauded online marketing forum, The Internet Marketing Warriors, I have heard the same questions repeated by hopeful marketer after hopeful marketer. And mostly they begin with “How do I…?”

Link to Get Traffic – Not Search Engine Rankings!

There have been a lot of changes on the web since I wrote the first edition of “Power Linking Your Way to 1 Million Hits” in 2002. Back then I told everyone that the only thing that will never change, despite search engine shake-ups and search technology improvements, is that links will always be the most important part of any website promotion campaign.

Cicadas and Brilliance In Marketing

I have found another nugget of marketing brilliance that I want to share with aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. In this example of marketing brilliance, you will see how innovation and careful planning can result in a brilliant idea and resulting profits.