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Where can I use Java?
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Java can be used to create web pages with dynamic and interactive content, to create applications (programs) with Graphical User interfaces (GUIs) and applications that use graphics, animation, audio, and video. With Java, you can also write applications for wireless devices like cell phones and personal digital assistants. In fact, wireless devices can communicate with each other by using Java technology!

SQL Server 2000 for Developers, Part 1

If you’re having trouble keeping track of your business, you may want to have a look at SQL Server 2000 For Developers Part 1. With this product, you can build databases that will help you keep track of, for example, your debtors or creditors.

Remote access, Replication and Gremlins…

Some people might tell you that the statistics you see on your television screens of live sports telecasts are recorded by actual reporters at the sports events as the games are being played. Let me tell you something! Those people haven’t the faintest idea of what they are talking about! The truth is that there are gremlins, which live in your television and they are the ones that go about updating that scoreboard as you continue to watch the game (seriously!). It is
the truth and it is has worked wonders in eradicating the gremlin unemployment problem (when was the last time you saw an unemployed gremlin?).

Java Native Interface

Ok, so now you finally admitted to yourself that you’ve got a problem! You have all this code that has been doing its job for years now but it really needs a bit of a makeover. What doesn’t help your cause is that it has come to your boss’s attention that “Java is the way to go!” and he or she is now eager to harness the powers of this mystical thing they call “Java”. This situation may seem a little far-fetched but a lot of developers have found themselves facing the problem of dealing with “legacy code” or code that has been written in a style or language that is now considered outdated.

Some Notes on Recursion

Many programmers simply don’t like recursion. The general idea of recursion is one of the more difficult topics to grasp. This is because our cognitive abilities are developed through experience, and the concept of recursion doesn’t occur very frequently in our everyday lives, but it is there if you look hard enough.

Thresholding An Image In Java

Thresholding is the process of transforming a set of data that encompasses any range of values to a new set with only two possible values. This process is used often in digital image processing. Thresholding is a form of segmentation, which can be described as grouping pixels together that have like attributes. In most examples of image thresholding, the RGB value (or the Grey Level value for greyscale images) is the attribute of interest.

Using XML Spy 4.1 Suite to Create XML Schemas
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Que’s book, “Special Edition: Using XML”, talks about why schemas are an important evolvement in the XML world:

Connecting to a Database in a Visual C++ Application

With the ease of working with a database in web based programming languages such as PHP and ASP, database connections in Visual C++ are often overlooked. But C++ offers the versatility and sheer power that web based languages can’t always muster up, and sometimes that comes in very handy.

Use loops to display XML in an HTML browser

In the first article in this series I presented a brief introduction to the use of XSL as a means to display XML in HTML browsers. Before continuing, I’d like to clear up a few points which I believe may have been confusing, largely due to a lack of rigorous clarity on my part.

Displaying XML in an HTML Browser

Those of you who have been reading DevNewz for a few months already know that XML is one of the greatest things to come along. It is, therefore, ironic that the very features of XML which give it its strength and versatility also make it impractical for use as a Web authoring language: most mainstream browsers don’t know what to do with it. This will change. Before you know it, every Web browser on the planet will be able to handle XML just fine, but for now we must live with those that are equipped to deal with HTML.

apache tricks
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Apache, the most popular web server on earth, is distributed with a large number of modules, some of which are included by default when you compile the package, and some which aren’t. One of those that you can optionally compile is mod_vhost_alias, which I find particularly useful. It’s been available since Apache version 1.3.7.