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SBC Web Hosting Flunks Security Basics

If you are using SBC to host your Web site, you might want to think about finding someone else. Your site may be at risk due to SBC’s lack of security.

MasterCard Pushes New Electronic Invoicing Service

MasterCard wants to automate the business-to-business purchasing-payment process, which is largely based on manually processed paper purchase orders, invoices, and checks. The annual cost of doing it that way at the average billion-dollar-corporation: $30 million.

Boeing Licenses XML Tool For Aircraft Documents

The Boeing Co. deployed XyEnterprise’s XML tools for publishing technical manuals and service documents for the C-17 aircraft. XML Professional Publisher enables Boeing to take documents formatted in XML and publish them in print format or as Adobe PDF files, commonly found on the web. Boeing makes the C-17 Globemaster III for the Air Force. The aircraft is used to carry large combat equipment, troops or humanitarian aid across countries.