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Ilana Grunberg is a SEM consultant for Compucall Search Marketing Ltd. Ilana has experience in the SEO world, and participates in forums, chats and has written articles for the search engine marketing world.
The Changing Faces of Google Adwords and Overture

PPC market leaders change look

Recently Google Adwords and Overture, leaders of the PPC market with a total of 90% of the market, changed their interfaces and upgraded their systems. This article will discuss these new changes, why there was a need for change, and will also analyze what this means for the PPC customer.

Questions To Ask Your Search Engine Marketing Firm
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Choosing the right Search Engine Marketing Company for your web site is very hard. We see a lot of sites offering different kinds of services, and knowing the differences between them is not an easy job. Compucall has created a set of questions which you should ask the search marketing company before making your decision. These questions will also help you understand a little bit about search marketing, and the way to select the right search marketing company for you. Good luck with your project!

Google Acquires Sprinks

Last week, PPC giant, Google, purchased Sprinks. Sprinks advertisements, which were distributed over the About.com media network, will be now be replaced by Google Adwords advertisements within the next month. If you do not have a Google Adwords account, and would still like to have your site seen where Sprinks was showing before, then you will need to open a Google Adwords account. Let’s take a look at Sprinks, the advantages of Google Adwords, discuss what will happen to your Sprinks account, and what this means for you.