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Ian Mvula is the founder of OFT a brokerage dedicated to introducing new retail and institutional investors to investing in managed forex accounts- http://www.forexplatform.com managedfx@forexplatform.com
Why speculative forex trading has extraordinarily higher returns

People unfamiliar with investing in currencies or who have not followed the evolution of the foreign exchange industry find it very difficult to accept the fact that one can, through forex trading, pocket returns several times greater than traditional investment portfolios. What these people fail to realise is that advances in telecommunications have greatly increased the pace at which business is done and greatly improved returns compared to what was possible a few years ago in the spot forex market – OTC (Over the Counter Trading).

Africa Can be Built by Entrepreneurs
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Eleven years ago when I told my friends that I was going to build a business, they doubled up with laughter. Once they had finished wiping their eyes, they gave me their reasons for the scepticism: Since I had no business skills and no money at all, I could as well count my plan as a fat chance.

How To Avoid Losing Money As Your Local Currency Keeps Depreciating
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Have you lost money because your local currency depreciated against major currencies? What is your hedging strategy?

If live in a developing country and invest in local investments instruments, you will agree that devaluation of local currencies is by far the number one reason why most good projects do not yield returns promised by promoters and fund managers.