About Howard Hopkins

Howard Hopkins is the author of six horror and western ebooks from Atlantic Bridge Publishing (http://www.atlanticbridge.net) under his own name and more than twenty print westerns under the penname Lance Howard. His novels can be purchased at bn.com, www.amazon.co.uk and amazon.com and he lives in Maine.
Designing the PDF Sampler

After recently signing a six ebook deal with Atlantic Bridge Publishing (www.atlanticbridge.net), I quickly realized promotion would be a whole different ball game. I was used to promoting my Lance Howard print westerns to certain areas, and, indeed, I would be able to adapt a number of techniques to ebooks: bookmarks, promocards, postcards, etc. Having a bit of experience with ebooks previously, however, I soon realized I would need a somewhat different mindset for the novels, which spanned the range from horror to ripper/western and YA series horror. Many avenues used for print wouldn’t work as well and would have to be modified, with many new ideas instituted.