About Hemang C Subramanian

Hemang C Subramanian holds a B.S. degree in computer engineering from the Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Surathkal (now known as the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka). Since 1999, he has been employed with IBM India, where he works on various networking and wireless networking technologies. He has one US patent pending and writes articles for various international publications and IBM developerWorks. He can be reached at shemang@in.ibm.com
Electronic currency using SIM Access Profile

You might remember an ad campaign in which a woman approaches a soft drink vending machine alongside a young male executive. The executive rummages through his pants pocket to find, to his dismay, that he has no change to purchase a cool drink on a hot afternoon. The woman then pulls out her cell phone, presses a few buttons, and a soda can drops down from the vending machine. The ad was meant to show a future of a seamless, interactive world. The SIM Access Profile, released by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), makes such transactions a reality, allowing a consumer to use a cellular device to obtain, for example, a 50-cent soft drink without spending 25 cents on a cell phone airtime charge.