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How Bad Search Terms Can Booby Trap Your Content

Web users type in some pretty far-out search terms when looking for information online. People are in a hurry and often don’t bother with spelling, correct syntax, or logical phrasing.

How to Identify and Make the Most of Your Business’s Special Something

How much thought have you given to what’s unique about your ebusiness… its competitive edge? Many new web entrepreneurs are in such a hurry to get their site up and running, they breeze past this extremely important question.

Has Your Search Engine Optimized Content Lost its Human Touch?
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In the past, most savvy website owners recognized the value of strong, compelling content; they appreciated the importance of copy that commands attention and persuades visitors with reason and with art to buy something or take a particular action.

Promotional Offers: Sometimes You Can’t Give It Away

So, the marketing gurus have convinced you that you need some kind of free offer to be successful online. It doesn’t matter if you create your own giveaway goodie or use an existing one, you need a “draw”.

What they often forget to tell you is that HOW you promote your freebie is just as important as WHAT you give away. Here are a few cautionary tales to illustrate the perils and pitfalls of free offer marketing:

Business Slow? Ten Productive Projects to Fill the Gap

Times are tough. Business is sluggish. Blame world politics, corporate debacles or a general lack of consumer confidence. Whatever is driving this lull, it’s causing the people who would normally be fueling the economy (and our businesses) to sit on their wallets.

If running away to Margaritaville isn’t an option, here are some productive and inexpensive ways to spruce up your enterprise and gradually get those wheels of commerce grinding again:

Do-it-Yourself Websites for Cheapskates and Simpletons

Several years ago, at the beginning of my Internet career, I asked someone if HTML was an abbreviation for Hotmail. Yes, I really was that naive. Since then, I’ve learned a fair bit about HTML coding. I had to.

As a writer, I needed an online presence for my web content services; and as an ornery, mule-headed, cheapskate writer, I was determined to build it myself in spite of those who said I should leave it to the experts.

Ten Ways to Foil Credit Card Fraudsters

In the last twelve months, credit card fraud against online companies has exploded as more and more thieves figure out how easy it is. To make matters worse, online and phone orders are not automatically insured against fraud – you are 100% liable for all your losses.

Erasure: One Step to Better Web Copy

The Roman poet Horace said, “You must often make erasures if you mean to write what is worthy of being read a second time.” Two thousand years later, those words still hold true.

If you’re responsible for the content of a website or newsletter, then erasures – editing – can make your words worthy of being read a FIRST time. Erasures are one thing you can do (or rather undo) to raise your content and your promotional materials above the mediocre writing that dominates the net.

Quick Tip: How to Find a Good Web Writer

More and more writers are piling onto the web to offer you their expert writing services. But are they really experts?

Here’s how to tell if the copywriter or content writer you’re considering has the “write” stuff:

1. What credentials do they bring to the job? Find out if they have an appropriate background like journalism, advertising or public relations.

Is Your E-Zine Getting Too Personal?

Personalization has quickly gone from being the hottest new “must-have” for e-content to the most misunderstood and misused e-accessory.

Online Success Without a Website

Can it be done? That’s what one webmaster who recently joined an affiliate program wanted to know. She wrote: