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What a Crude Street Corner Come-On Taught Me … About Direct Response Marketing

Can’t get a date? No, I mean to your website.

How to Get Massive Exposure for Your Site at Low to No Cost

As much as I hate to use “marketing language,” using these four simple tactics will “light your traffic on fire” … immediately. I guarantee it. And even better for you, each one of them can be used at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

What Ever Happened to Customer Service?

Have you ever been fortunate enough to experience this seemingly extinct concept called “customer care?” If so, you’re one of the few that has yet to experience true customer service online. More often than not, we get terrible service, discourteous service, or a complete and total lack of service. Sound familiar yet?

How Organizing Your Time Can Save You Money

Applying these ten proven time-saving tips can mean the difference between your Internet marketing and home business success, or a life-time of struggle to make ends meet! If applied effectively, these little gems can be some of your most effective money-makers.

5 Quick Tips for Creating an ‘Effective’ Website

Although I wouldn’t call myself a website design guru, I know what works and what doesn’t in creating a successful website. I’m a super-fast learner, and I want to pass on my knowledge of website design to you, in only a few short paragraphs. Of course this isn’t meant to be a full-fledged course on website design — I hope to tell you the main things that you should be doing to design an effective website.

8 Innovative Ways Personalization can Explode Your Profits

With so many people beginning to realize the worth of this ever priceless marketing tool, personalization is slowly but surely becoming one of the most effective marketing methods on the Internet today. Are YOU using personalization yet? If not, your profits are sure to start suffering soon. Here are 8 priceless ways to easily double your sales and profits through the use of personalization:

How to Double Your Subscription Rate in Less than a Day

Do you run your own ezine, or are you thinking of starting one? If so, this little tip is going to prove to be VERY useful in getting new subscribers to your newsletter. Follow along, and pay attention. I’m going to give you an easy-to-follow, 3-step method to possibly double your daily subscription rate in less than 24 hours.

AIEEEE! The Top 8 Web Design Disasters: Are you sending YOUR visitors screaming?

The following eight tips aren’t meant to offend, but to teach. I want to help you avoid the same terrible web design mistakes that I made in my first few months online. And, believe me … when I look back on some of MY first pages, I CRINGE with repulsion!

‘How Rude!’ — Internet Marketing Tales From the Darkside

1. “Take me off your mailing list. I did not write you for information and I do not want your mail. If you continue to mail your stupid information to me, I will consider it harrassment.”

Generate 416 Unique Visitors to Your Website in ONE Day, Free!
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In only one day, I had over 400 new visitors clamoring their way into my website. I didn’t use spam, it wasn’t through ezine advertising, and it didn’t cost me anything — not one thin dime.

Home-Based Businesses: The TRUTH Behind the Lies

Part of the “American Dream” is to be able to work from home. People want to have freedom and flexibility in their schedules, have more time with family, become financially independent, or maybe have the option of working at home due to health problems. But, whatever the individual reason, it all boils down to the simple satisfaction of taking control of your life. That’s when people start looking for that ideal job or business from home.

7 Unique Ways to Make CONSISTENT Profits from Your Ezine

Ezine publishers today throw any old thing in their publication to make it attractive for readers. In doing so, they often forget why they started their ezine in the first place — to make a profit. Use these 7 unique techniques to secure a CONSISTENT profit from YOUR ezine, and leave those other confused publishers in the dust:

That Left-Hand Side: Turning Your Website Into a Potent Sales Machine

Only a few of the millions of business websites online actually generate a *consistent* profit. There’s one critical thing that nearly all of these websites have in common, which is how they use their upper left-hand corner. Are you using YOURS correctly? I hate to sound cynical, but probably not.

Professionalism on the Internet: Will it ever REALLY exist?

Everyone seems to be writing articles about professionalism on the Internet lately. And, as much as I hate to conform to “the norm,” I feel compelled to do the same. Only, in THIS article, I’ll be telling it like it is … no holds barred.

I’ve Been Shot! — The Deadly Battlefield of Internet Forums

The online marketplace has become a super-charged minefield of opinionated “professionals” and heartless know-it-alls. Playing their game is deadly, and if you don’t watch yourself, you could lose a leg.

Are YOU the Victim of Business-Threatening Rumors?

In the online business world or otherwise, people are going to say things about you or your business in an attempt to knock you for a loop, and destroy the credibility that you’re working so hard to build. Why? Maybe they like to get people down. Maybe they have nothing better to do. Maybe the idea of other people’s success is threatening. It could be all or none of those.

Are You Swiftly Killing YOUR Financial Future?

Don’t get defensive, and don’t become offended by the points made in this article — this is meant to HELP you. So if you’re ready to learn how to avoid a common marketing faux pas, then put on your thinking cap and let’s get to work! :)

Is Your Home Business Right For YOU?

Part 1: Getting Started

There are a lot of things you should take into consideration when choosing a home business that’s going to make YOU happy and pay the bills, or give you that extra income you need. If you follow this plan I’ve laid out for you, you should have no problem at all finding a business to suit your needs.

Considering Banner Advertising? … Better Think Again.

If you’re determined to succeed in your home business, you’ve probably tried, (or WILL try), just about every form of legal advertising out there. And, maybe even some that aren’t so legal. But, before you waste valuable time and hundreds of dollars, let me let you in on a little secret.

Is YOUR Website Ready for the Public?

It truly does pain me to see the number of “business” websites out there that just don’t belong. If you conduct a search on Alta Vista for “home business tips,” I guarantee you you’ll see at least six out of the top ten listings that are breaking some of the most important web design rules, and yet others that wreak bloody HAVOC on your eyes.

Just Doin’ It: Tales of a ‘Mediocre Entrepreneur’

Are you dissatisfied with the amount of money you’re making online, and feel nearly powerless to change it? Are you frustrated with the snail’s pace that your Internet business seems to take? Are you sick and tired of trying to “find the right time” to release that dream product you’ve been sitting on for months?

I Do Not Like That Stuff Called SPAM, I Do Not Like It, ‘Spam I Am!’

How annoying is unsolicited email? Pretty darn annoying indeed. Even so, spam (unsolicited email) is inevitable in your online business, as much as we hate to think so. However, there ARE definite measures you can take to reduce the amount of junk mail that consumes your time on a day-to-day basis.

Fool-Proof Advertising Tactics to Save You Time AND Money

There are several ways in which F.A.T. can save you time and money. What? No, I don’t mean the cellulite on the backs of your thighs, I mean “Foolproof Advertising Techniques” — in ezines.

The Top 5 SUICIDE Missions in Marketing, and How To Avoid Them

How many times have we seen ads that begin like this, that we just skip right over? Or delete?