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Gord Hotchkiss is the President and CEO of Enquiro, whose goal is to push the search engine optimization industry forward both in terms of measurable results and client satisfaction.
Online Video – New User Interface?

 In Wednesday’s SearchInsider, Aaron Goldberg looked at video search and what’s going to be required for it to truly become an interesting advertising vehicle.  Some of the speculation comes from Aaron’s musing about what might happen if Google purchased Blinkx.

Google Homepage Skins – Change of Note for SEOs

I just had the official walk-through of Google’s recent announcement for personalized home pages. In a nutshell, they are allowing users the opportunity to skin their home page with one of six different themes. The goal, and I quote, is to "delight users". And they don’t just want to delight them in the short term. They want this to be a long-lasting love affair with the Google home page.

Improving Odds of Connecting w/ Your Target Market

Kim Krause Berg had a interesting additional thought to my post about eye tracking. Her question, "What happens when your target market gets up on the wrong side of the bed?".

User-centricity – More than just a Word
Ever since Time Magazine made you and I the person of the year, user experience has been the two words on the tip of everyone’s tongue.
Debating Whether or Not Google Can Change Advertising

Ari Rosenberg, a media buying consultant, had an interesting column last week about Google’s plans to enter the cable TV market, just the same as they’ve made inroads in the radio and print markets.

Gord Interviews Matt Cutts

I had the chance to interview Matt Cutts this week about personalization and it’s impact on the SEO industry. Excerpts from the interview and some additional commentary are in my Just Behave column on Search Engine Land today. As promised, here is the full transcript of the interview:

Believing Google’s Click Fraud Numbers

Today, Google finally came out with some solid numbers around the click fraud issue.

Gord Interviews Marissa Mayer on Personalization

Below is the full transcript of the interview with Marissa Mayer on personalization of search results. For commentary, see the Just Behave column on Searchengineland.

Gord: It’s a little more than two weeks ago since Google made the announcement that personalization would become more of a default standard for more users on Google.  Why did you move towards making that call?

Gord’s Caffeine-Fueled Vision of the Future

This week, for some reason (largely to do with thinking I could still handle caffeine and being horribly wrong), a number of pieces fell into place for me when it came to looking at how we might interact with computers and the Internet in the future. 

Relevancy Rules in Sponsored Search Ads

Let me quote some rather startling numbers to you from a recent eye tracking study we did. In the study, we looked at where people first looked on a search results page, where they first scanned a listing, and where they eventually clicked.

Search Innovation: Looking for the Average Joe

Google’s beta release of their desktop search tool was their shot across the bow of the USS Microsoft Search. Following hard of the heels of promising technology releases from Blinkx and Copernic, Google is staking their claim to the desktop search space. And Microsoft seems to have been caught flat footed, as they continue to push back the deadline for the release of Longhorn, which will integrate desktop search with the operating system. Many seem to think a search related announcement out of Redmond is imminent.

The Future of Search: Beyond the Horizon

I was asked by SEMPO (the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) to speculate on the future of search marketing. Then came the hard part: Limit it to one column.

The Strategy of Search

There’s a reason not every chess piece moves the same way. Together, you can use the tactical advantages of a knight, a queen or a rook to execute your strategy. There are chess players that react to every move as it comes, playing the game at a purely tactical level. This is the way most of us start (and pretty much still the way I play). You don’t think ahead to what the next move could be. Strategy plays no part. Each turn, you look at the board and make what appears to be the best move.

Inside the Mind of the Searcher Part II: Search Behavior Explored

I’ve have to say I’ve been amazed by the response we’ve had to our first forays into researching the behavior patterns of internet searchers. Since we released them in March and April, almost 3000 marketers have downloaded our two white papers. They’ve been quoted in dozens of forums and blogs. Articles have been written in almost every major search engine marketing portal. And it seems that our message is getting through to more people.

Inside the Searcher’s Mind: It’s a Jungle in Here!

In search marketing, there are many more questions than answers, particularly when it comes to how people search. We know how we search and we assume everybody searches in a similar way. Also, because searching has become such an intuitive function, we tend not to really give the actual search process much thought. If many of us actually looked at what we did in a search process, we’d probably surprise ourselves.

Flying Blind? Search Marketing Metrics

At the beginning of the Balanced Scorecard, a book on the new generation of performance metrics, authors Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton present an analogy to drive home their case. They ask you to imagine entering an airline jet cockpit, and in front of the pilot, you see just one gauge.

Defending Organic Search: The Other Side of the Comscore IAB Study

IAB and ComScore recently released the first major study on the effectiveness of sponsored search advertising. Not surprisingly, considering the study was sponsored by Overture and Google, the report was very favorable towards sponsored search, often at the expense of organic search.