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Gloria Reibin is the owner of Advantage E-Com http://advantageecom.com She works with Free Leads for Life Marketing Group, which offers free Internet Marketing and Network Marketing training. http://www.freeleads4life.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi/4389 To subscribe to the Advantage E-Com CyberMarketing Ezine, send a blank email to: mailto:subscribe1@I...
Sponsors, Mentors and Coaches, Oh My!

You’ve seen the ads. Let me sponsor you. Mentor Available. Now the latest is, coach. What’s the difference?

As always, I like to start with dictionary definitions and take it from there.

The Power of Simple Awareness

In reading Dr. Cohen’s article “Stuck? Frustrated? Going Bananas?” I was struck by one line, “We’re too busy trying to make things happen in our favor rather than naturally let things happen in our favor.” That line carried me back to basics, back to the concept of simple awareness.

Four Steps to Gold Prospecting

1. Find
2. Ask
3. Listen
4. Sort

Get Out From Under Debt Weight and Soar to Financial Security
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Meg’s finances were okay, but she wanted more than to just barely meet expenses. So she decided to start an Internet business.

She searched around, found a reliable company that she liked, products that she felt comfortable using and promoting.