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NPR Slams Google Maps, Mapquest and Others..

In yet another humorous article about Google’s poor maps – actually guys, the data provided to Google, mapquest, MSN, and others are licensed from data providers like Navteq and Tele Atlas.

MoWH.com Launches HTML Tags for $100

Mosaics of Web History (MoWH), located at http://www.mowh.com, officially opened for business today.

Google Maps For Your Apps Training Announced

Something of interest for those of you wishing to dabble with the Google map API…

Search for Map Services

Another goodie for those of you interested in locating web services and looking for a nifty new toolbar for use in ArcMAP…

Google Earth for Mac OS

Some thought it was out, however, it appears it was too good to be true!

Voip in the Enterprise – a Tip

Lately I’ve been checking into the merits of Voip, in particular services offered by vonage, skype and the like.

RSS Blog Alerts via TXT Message

Yahoo! has added yet another feature to the growing support for RSS and RSS search.

Rand McNally Joins the likes of Google and Yahoo!

Rand McNally has joined the likes of Google and Yahoo! by offering developers a chance to Incorporate maps & directions in Web Sites.