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Google agrees to pay $90 mln in ‘click fraud’ suit

Are you following Google legal woes in this one… myself I’ve always been on the fence as to the merits of the Google ads.

GlobeXplorer Updates and Ask Maps Blogs…

Rob Shanks (President, GlobeXplorer) maintains a blog to provide an insight into his company’s mapping and online imagery services.

Gartner vision for technology includes AJAX…

Gartner’s vision for the next decade regarding information technology was recently presented at the CeBIT event.

Microsoft unwraps details for Ultra-Mobile PCs

Today at CeBIT, Microsoft made some headlines with news of a new mobile PC form factor – aka.

PersonMaps Google Mashup

Always the mashup fan on the look for cool new apps., check out PersonMaps.

Mapping US Census Data in Google Earth

juice Analytics has done a very cool job of intergrating US CEnsus Bureau data into Google Earth, resulting in some amazing graphics.

ESRI Developer Summit

A reminder from ESRI points out that the First annual Dev Summit is only 17 days away.

netomat’s Free Service Adds Mobile Power to Flickr
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Are you a flickr user? Do you moblog from your smart phone?

Windows Live Local Consumer Local Search…

And mapping to expand with street-side – new functionality.

ASK Adds Maps…

…but you’ll likely ASK yourself why here and not at Google?

Microsoft Windows Live Local Technology Preview

Today, via the Internet, Windows Live Local is offering up a limited Technical Preview of street-side’ a new feature that Microsoft is building for its Windows Live Local consumer local search and mapping site.

Access Scholarly Literature via Google Scholar

A reminder… obviously you use Google, however, did you know that Google also has a tool known as Google Scholar (Beta)?

The GOLDGEOS Project

Dimitri Golman has released the GOLDGEOS Project.

Updated GRASS GIS 6.0.2 Released Today

The developers have announced yet another update to the popular GRASS The new features of GRASS 6 cover a new topological 2D/3D vector engine and support for vector network analysis.

Krugle Prepares to launch Search Engine for Coders

Could it be a Google for Coders?

Google Earth Supporting Scientific Research…

From the popular journal, Nature, an interesting article on how biologists are using Google Earth to support their efforts.

Sprint Launching Business-Mobility Podcasts

A contact from Sprint tipped us off about this one…

Microsoft Provides Academia With $1 Million

Microsoft Corp. has announced the recipients of approximately $1 million in academic research funding.

Skype + Google Maps = SKmap

This social networking mashup enables Skype users to search and locate other skype users so they can then exchange information or chat.

Google Local Targets UK users

From softpedia, news of recent updates for Google Local (UK)… Google launched two new services for England’s version.

Mapsolute Introduces BusinessMap24 Easy

Boston dBusiness News reported last that Mapsolute Inc. – the company behind Map24 – had launched the service BusinessMap24 Easy, a new self-service mapping tool that allows businesses to quickly and cost-effectively create high quality store locator maps for their websites.

Opera Integrates BitTorrent in Upcoming Browser

Oslo-based Opera Software today announced that it has teamed with BitTorrent Inc. to include the BitTorrent(TM) protocol in the upcoming version of the Opera Web browser.

Google’s Plan for Private Alternative to the Internet

Does Google want to have it all?? It sure seems that way at times.

cNet Uses Google Earth Imagery in NFL Contest

cNet (news.com) has come up with another clever contest using imagery from Google Earth.. funny, I could have sworn that clipping and reposting images from Google Earth on a commercial website was against the terms of use??