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CTIA Wireless and Navteq LBS Challenge

Just returned from a whil-wind couple of days in Vegas to take in CTIA Wireless and the Navteq Challenge.

WiFi 101 introduction For Smartphone users

Are you like me and interested in learning more about Wi-Fi? Naturally, the technology has been way cool for the PC user, enabling him to connect from anyplace that accesses a Wi-Fi network.

Google Maps API Version 2 Officially Released

Today via the Google Maps weblog (Bret Taylor, Product Manager) word of Veresion 2 of the API was announced. From the Blog…

Rogers and Bell Partner With Inukshuk Network

Built in conjunction with Bell Canada and Rogers Communications, the Inukshuk network is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Commercial Implementation of Google Maps API

No doubt we’ll hear more on this one next week… drag and drop, click pin to open html file, embed mashup within web pages…

shape2earth beta coming soon?

Tim Beerman over at his interactive earth blog has recently announced that shape2earth will be going out for beta testing shortly.

Are You a Professional Java Master?

BenQ Mobile and Sun Microsystems introduce a side contest for the Java Masters competition: the “Beat the Drum” Contest.

Sydney Gold Coast Race via Google Earth
· 1

This from our mates down-under…

Mapguide with Google Earth Integration

James Fee has reminded us about some nifty applications developed using Mapguide Open Source – thanks for the head-sup James!

Mozilla Thunderbird / Lightning Project Calendar

Anyone out there using Mozilla thunderbird as an email client?

Dig VS Dot – Digg or Slashdot… have em both!

I was skimming Tim O’reilly’s blog aka. the O’reilly Radar and noticed a very small mention to this interesting new app.

Symbian OS Freeware… Apps galore, growing strong

Burried within this popular downloads repository is a section title – Symbian OS Freeware.

Mapquest Open API Developer Challenge Extended

Good news from Mapquest about their latest challenge to developers… the MapQuest OpenAPI Developers Challenge eligibility has been extended to Canada (excluding Quebec).

A Wireless Home Security Solution

Most people forget about backing up, securing their networks, yadayada… for my home network I’m using the McAfee suite… overall it’s quite suitable although there are a few quirky things that happen occasionally (i.e.. anti virus protection disabling itself…)

MIX 2006 hosted by Microsoft sees much hoopla

With all the recent hype around March madness recently you may have forgotten that MIX 06 is taking place right now in Vegas.

Microsoft Adding to Portfolio

This from the Rocky Mountain News… Microsoft Corp. is in the process of acquiring Boulder-based remote-sensing company Vexcel Corp. for an undisclosed sum.

A Good, Free HR Publication and Employee Guide

This publication is focused on Canadian issues, however, it’s marketed to companies that have employee relations in Canada and US.

News Release Formats and Some Guidelines

Distributing your company’s news… everyone’s doing it… enter the press release. If you or your company is working hard then you need to spread the word, however, in order to effectively get the word out and have your news picked up on you need to be careful and be sure to follow a few simple rules.

Sketch.Up gets Googled

@Last Software, parent company of Sketch.Up – 3D software has been acquired by Google.

Arc2Earth (ArcGIS to Google Earth) Released

Chances are you heard or saw this already but hey, the word is simply too cool not to share on the blog…

New software helps users that are color blind

This solution could open the door to many more individuals looking for a career in GIS…

Phone+ Magazine covers off Mobile Computing

I love free stuff and I get loads of free magazines etc… (why pay when loads of companies give away the stuff!)

Open Source Geospatial on the hunt for a new logo

From the OSGeo Project… The Open Source Geospatial Foundation needs some creative minds to help us develop the “look” for OSGeo.

1000 ESRI developers taking in the first Summit

Well, the first ESRI developer summit is only days away. Thanks to Clint Brown of ESRI for taking some time to jot down a few comments to some questions I threw at him regarding the summit.