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Imagine the 10-gigapixel photo… Mcirosoft is!

This interesting article describes how a Microsoft researcher (Michael Cohen – see bio) is trying to create a photo this summer (in Seattle) that will contain 10 billion pixels.

Google “gmap” Mashup with Possibilities

A site reader recently tipped me off about globefeed.com. Some people look at this app as a google map chat, however, the developers feel its much more than that.

What’s New With Free VoIP Providers

What you should know before signing up with a voice over IP provider.

CTIA WIRELESS 2006 Web Casts Now Available

Didn’t make it to Vegas for Borth America’s largest wireless industry trade show?

Yahoo! Tech Targets Consumer Electronic Market

Being compared by some to cNet, Yahoo! has launched a new technology focused portal aimed at the electronic consumer market.

Intro to Google Maps & The Google Maps API V2

We’ve recently released the second of three articles that serve to introcude you to the google maps API (in detail).

Access Google Maps Mobile from Mobile Handset

Smartphone users can download Google maps mobile directly from www.google.com/gmm using their handset’s web browser.

Google Maps International Flavors

International users may have noticed that Google maps (aka Google Local) are now available from a number of International domains including:

A Reminder About the Google Code Home

Just a reminder that you can access information, docs, tools, APIs etc…

So long Russell Beattie (for now)… thanks for the blog!

If you follow mobile technologies then no doubt you’re familiar with Russell Beattie’s Notebook… or you should be!

Google Summer of Code Search for Python…

Google is looking for students from undergrad through the Ph.D levels to work on new open source code and to act as project mentors.

…No wait, Google Maps Again!

What the heck… everyone else is talking about it… I may as well! Google has once again changed the name of its local search and mapping site (aka. Google Local) to Google Maps from.

Geosense Mashup Game – Test Your Geography Skills

I recently came accross this very cool game called Geosense. It’s a clever, fun game that uses a map [of course] and tests your knowledge by seeing if you can locate cities in the World within 10 seconds.

Google Earth Updates to International Data Coverage

Word on the street has it that Google has added loads of new data to the offerings available for viewing via Google Earth.

Arc2Earth Eval Now Available

Over at Arc2earth.com the developers of the popular translation tool have now provided a fully functional 7 day free evaluation version.

How About Another Ranking of Online Map Services

That’s what TechCrunch has done in a recent look at the services provided by the likes of Google maps, Yahoo!, Mapquest, Ask, and Windows Live Local.

Cashing in on Online Maps

Forbes magazine has taken a look at who’s cashing in on online mapping services (mashups).

Google Challenges users with puzzles and geography

Columbia Pictures and Google have created what they call a Puzzle Paradise for Game and Movie Fans Around the World.

Intro to Google Maps & The Google Maps API

Those of you looking for a fast, simple introduction to working with the Google maps API will welcome this online tutorial.

Recruiter Places Google Maps Developers

I’ve recently been in touch with Christopher Lozinski, a “headhunter” who specializes in placing programmers in hard to find jobs.

65 million hit Internet map sites – Top 10 Map Sites

Some interesting numbers out of Internet research thinktank, ComScore media metrix …

Zillow’s aerial from Microsoft, Yahoo! and GeoEye

You may have heard that Zillow.com has announced the addition of a significant amount of clarity and visual information to its home and neighborhood images with the addition of bird’s eye views from Microsoft Virtual Earth.

Global Satellite Imagery Added to Yahoo! Maps

Today Yahoo! has added global satellite imagery to Yahoo! Maps beta.

Google Earth with Mainstream Advertising on TV

Not sure about what’s up south of the 49th, however, up here in Canada during TV coverage of the Masters, a TV ad just appeared telling people to logon to Remax.ca next month to search for real estate listings using Google Earth… pretty interesting…