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Should I Become a Programmer?

Should I think about becoming a programmer? That’s the lead-in to an article at the Guardian that cites the sector is “approaching meltdown” based on reent analysis.

Track the Tour de France With Google Earth

Now that “the cup” is done with… talk about a lame finish… sports enthusiasts might want to track the tour de france using google earth with some very cool 3d fly-throughs.

Google Maps API Geocoding Tutorial

I’m glad to say that we have another gmaps tutorial to share with you. When the Google Maps API was released in early 2005, one of the most notable omissions was the ability to geocode addresses.

Google Geo Developer Day Video

Didn’t make it to Googleplex last month for geodevday?? No worries, 250 of the World’s leading geodevelopers (that’s what they say!) were there along with yours truly.

Google Maps Discussion Groups Expand

Just received a message regarding the Google maps discussion group which is now expanding and branching out into several new areas… details follow:

Forbes on Mashups
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What do Rachel Rosmarin and myself have in common? Well, she writes for industry-leading Forbes Magazine and I write/manage GISuser… big deal eh? [just kiddin around!]

Where 2.0 According to Wired Mag

Sick of hearing about this yet??? Too bad… there’s so much to talk about I can’t seem to give it a rest ;0) Wired Magazine’s coverage from Where 2.0 is, to say the least, interesting, and informative… case in point, this article titled “Where 2.0 Gives the World Meaning”.

Where 2.0: Yahoo’s Local Search Vision

Paul Levine from Yahoo! was at Where 2.0 discussing what Yahoo!’s up to with local.

Google Geo Developer Day, Where 2.0
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What a day I knew it was going to be full of news and cool stuff when Eric Schmidt (CEO), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (co-founders) walked onto the stage at the Googleplex – they note that geospatial is a defining opportunity in search!

Notes on Microsoft Presentation at Where 2.0
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From Where 2.0, notes from Stepen Lawler’s Microsoft presentation…

Where 2.0 Agenda is Rockin

Speaking of Where 2.0… have you checked out the agenda lately?? Man, this event is packed with goodies.. I can’t wait! Cool events include the likes of:

ImageMapper 10-AJAX Beta Program

An item of interest in my mailbox this AM via way of the html image mapper people…

Google Going Green with Earth Day Network

In an effort to go “green” google is hosting a map service in conjunction with the earth day network.

Tracking Bird Flu with Google

News from a Reuters article mention that poultry experts are turning to google to track and manage the spread of the bird flu.

New Filter Forge Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Of interest to Adobe Photoshop users is this application (Beta)… here’s the skinny – Filter Forge can produce a wide range of textures and effects which include organic structures, metallic and rocky surfaces, distortions, abstract textures, repeating patterns, color corrections, and more.

O’reilly, IT Cork, Web 2.0… ohmygod!

IRish IT Blogger, Tom Raftery has been following this soap opera closely…

Tracking Satellites with a Nifty Google Mashup

This real-time tracking mashup from n2yo.com is totally awesome.

Maps4yApps Microsoft MapPoint Web Service

This interesting business model using the MapPoint web service…

GeoNetwork Open Source Updates

The developers of this open source project have just released a new CD and flyer…

Acme Labs Mapper Using Google Maps

I’m not sure if I’ve seen it before or not but the ACME mapper mnashup is quite a cool app that integrates all teh terra server imagery into a mashup -see here.

WWW 2006 – Another Very Cool Event!

I just spoke to a colleague about this interesting event and thought I’d share the link with you.

Defining Geospatial Industry Workforce Demand

Phase 1 of the GITA/AAG Department of Labor High Growth Grant, Defining and Communicating Geospatial Technology Industry Workforce Demand is now completed and waiting for your feedback.

ODA slams Autodesk…

Wod of an interesting event taking place in Minnesota has come my way.. mark your calendar.. June 1. The speaker lineup is pretty impressive.

Another Mobile IM Solution – WebMessenger

Something for those of you working in the field…