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Mayor Bloomberg Accuses De Blasio of Racist Campaign: Twitter Reacts

Michael Bloomberg, the New York City Major, accused Bill de Blasio (D), the front runner to succeed him as Mayor, as running a “racist” campaign. The original interview was published in the New York Magazine. During this interview, Bloomberg was asked to clarify what he meant exactly. Bloomberg commented that De Blasio is “…making an appeal using his family to …

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Timken Split Into Two Publicly Traded Companies

On September 5, 2013, the Timken Company officially announced that they would be splitting their company into two separate entities. After the announcement, Timken stock rose 6.2% during after-market trading. Timken manufactures steel, bearings and power transmissions. The company split will form a new steel company (no name announcement yet) which will continue to manufacture carbon and alloy steel. The …

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Holy Grail Jay Z: The First Ever Music Video to Debut Exclusively on Facebook

For the first time in music history an artist has used a social media website to exclusively debut a music video. On August 29, 2013 Jay Z released his new music video, Holy Grail, a collaboration with artist Justin Timberlake and director Anthony Mandler, exclusively to Facebook. The music video is only exclusive for a 24-hour window on Jay Z’s …

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Military Strike Syria: Britain Says No

Since the last WebProNews update on the crisis in Syria, there has been a lot of breaking news. The British parliament voted “no” on the decision to use military force against Syria. The British government had gathered intelligence and published a landmark assessment to provide evidence that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons on its people, thus killing hundreds of …

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New Monopoly Token Proves That Cats Still Rule The Internet

In August of 2013 Hasbro Inc. announced that they would be replacing the iconic iron game piece in the classic Monopoly board game with a cat. And not just any cat; a democratically picked cat which was chosen through an internet poll. Gizmodo released a rather lengthy and cheeky review saying, “This cat is the product of democracy in action. …

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Colcord Red Worms: Town Residents Waiting for Larvae to Get Flushed Out of Their Drinking Water

A small town near Tulsa, Oklahoma has been brought to its knees by tiny red worms. Colcord residents can’t drink their tap water and the public school system cancelled classes for at least two days. The origin of these worms is a mystery to city officials and tests are being made by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to …

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