About Gerry McLaughlin

Gerry McLaughlin has fulfilled every role in Software Development from Trainee Programmer through Systems and Business Analysis, Project Leader and Manager, Systems Manager and Chief Information Officer with a department of 80 people. Tens of thousands of IT Contractors visit www.ITContractor.com each month to keep themselves in touch with the market.
10 and a Half Traits of Successful IT Contractors

What are the factors that make a contractor a success? As we’ve worked with IT contractors over the years and helped them through our web site, we put together a list of traits we believe are important to achieve success as an IT contractor.

The 25 Steps in an IT Contractor Lifecycle

What lies in store for the IT Contractor? I have seen the whole lifecycle at least three times, so let me tell you what to expect. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, so you might want to remember where you are in the cycle and what lies ahead.