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Is Your Website Convenient?

A fundamental promise of the Web is convenience. Why get in your car when you can sit at your computer? A fundamental building block of the business case for a website is self-service. By automating certain processes, costs are reduced, and the customer gets faster, cheaper service. Is your website fast, cheap and convenient?

How Important Is The Look ‘n’ Feel Of Your Website?

The look ‘n’ feel of your website is important. However, it is less important than your text-based content. In most commercial websites, the role of the traditional graphic designer is relatively minor. The role of the information architect is central. The role of the editor and author is critical.

Building Successful Brands On The Web

According to a global web-based survey by Interbrand, the Google brand had the most impact on people’s lives in 2002. Google beat established brands such as Coke and Apple. This illustrates how on the Web you build brands differently. It is less about how a brand looks than how it works.

Seven Headaches Of The Website Manager

The job of the website manager (editor) is not easy. Despite the fact that content is everywhere, few organizations understand it properly. The true value and cost of content is rarely recognized. So, as a website manager, you have lots of headaches. But stick with it. Things are slowly getting better.

The Hippie Period Of The Web Is Over

Just like the Sixties, the Nineties are over. From free love to free information, it was all quite a ride. But that was then, this is now. The Web is growing up. It’s time for definition, time for metrics, time for standard processes.

Enhancing The Credibility Of Your Web Content

It’s vital to establish the credibility of your web content with your reader as quickly as possible. If your brand is well known and respected, then you start from a strong base. Another way to enhance credibility is to provide author information. Where appropriate, dating your content can help too.

Thinking Should Come Before Communication

Communication has become the great fashion and addiction of our age. Kids think a mobile phone is cool. Workers think that communicating is a sign of productivity. Communication may make you look cool, but it does not necessarily make you more productive. Communication, without thought, is in fact an unproductive activity.

Do You Know How Much Your Content Costs?

The creation of content is a significant and increasing cost for many organizations. However, few managers know how much they are spending on content. If you’re not measuring the cost of content, you can’t evaluate the return on investment it creates. If you can’t measure content, you can’t manage it.