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Why is Corporate Communication Seen As Fluffy?

In many organizations, corporate communication doesn’t get a lot of respect. The intranet gives a rare opportunity for corporate communication to get the respect it deserves.

Crisis Management: Your Website Can Help

A website can be a valuable source of information during a time of crisis. Using your website should become part of your crisis planning.

Why Web Managers are Leaders

The Web requires leadership if it is to achieve its full potential. That leadership will rarely be given by senior management. So that means it’s up to you.

Proving To Senior Management Your Website Delivers Value

It’s time for public websites and intranets to show clearly how they are delivering value. The first step in doing this is to understand how senior management thinks about value.

Web Manager: You Can’t Serve Everybody

Every time you serve someone, you make someone else wait. Every time you publish a piece of content you make other content less findable.

Metrics That Make the Case for Quality Content

The essential business case of a website is self-service. To maximize value from self-service, you want a limited menu, a fast transaction and a significant volume of people.

Quality Not Quantity : Delivering Value From Your Web Content

Maintaining the quality of your content is critical to the long term success of your website. That involves establishing rigorous pre and post publication editorial processes.

Simplicity is in the eye of the beholder. What is simple to the creator is rarely so simple to the customer.

I recently bought a Philips CD burner. Its software was difficult to install. What I wanted to do was copy music I had bought from Apple iTunes. When I finally managed to complete the installation, it wouldn’t let me do that. Thus, I wasted about 30 minutes installing and uninstalling the software.

Key Benefits of a Single Intranet or Public Website

A single website is more connected and credible. It is more consistent and cost effective. It is easier to manage and measure.

Have You Got Too Many Web Sites?

Too many websites are nearly always a bad idea. Getting your customer to remember one web address is more than enough of a challenge.

Recall Ability: Web Content Versus Print Content

People are extremely task-focused on the Web. That means they are much less open to content that is not directly related to the task at hand.

Prove The Value of Your Content with Numbers

Getting senior management’s attention is about showing how costs can be reduced and/or value created. Content needs to show how it will reduce costs by X percent and increase productivity by Z percent.

Knowledge Management : No Such Thing as a Knowledge Worker

For those who manage well, there is a bright and prosperous future. For those who are managed, the future-certainly the income prospects-are not so bright.

The Two Fundamental Skills of Web Writing

Writing for how people search and writing quality links are the two fundamental skills of web writing. Think carefully about search behavior and make sure your links are always clear and logical.

Turning Knowledge Into Power

We are in an era of knowledge abundance. Traditional management theory focuses on knowledge scarcity. We need new management strategies to deal with so much communication and so much knowledge.

Why It Matters To Focus On Your Reader

There are those who see websites as acts of creation separate from the people who will visit those websites. There are those who see people and create websites to meet these people’s needs.

Make Sure Your Intranet Is Well Perceived By Staff

Many intranets are only now beginning to show their true potential. However, many staff, having had unsatisfactory previous experiences of the intranet, may need quite some convincing that the intranet is now genuinely useful.

Your Site Needs a Call To Action

The Web is task focused. The best websites get to the point. They ruthlessly eliminate waffle and happy talk. They focus on helping people complete key tasks as quickly as possible.

Publish The Website You Can Manage

Your job as a web manager must be about a relentless focus on quality. Always put quality first and you will create a website that delivers real and sustainable value.

Why Web Managers Need To Get On the Road

The better the web manager the more time they will spend out of the office; the more time they will spend in front of the reader.

Number One Skill For Managing A Website

Having a deep understanding of the gut instinct of your customer is the number one skill of managing a website. That involves getting face to face with them.

Web Editors Have a Great Future

Web editors are critical to website success. They have a combination of communications, marketing and technology skills. Most of all, they know their readers inside out.

It’s The Content, Stupid: Search Engine Optimization

In deciding to rank your website, search engines pay a lot of attention to the actual content they find on your webpages.

Search Optimization, Not Search Engine Optimization

Search optimization focuses on how people search. Search engine optimization focuses on how search engines work. Search optimization sees quality web content as its foundation stone.