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The Web is Still a Thrilling Place

When you get frustrated by the pressures of managing a website, look back five years. You’ve achieved a lot.

Choose Customer Words, Not Organization Words

An organizational structure that may work very well for your internal needs may not work at all well for your customers. Here’s why.

Are You Using the Wrong Web Metrics?

Do you base success on measuring the volume of visitors and page impressions? Such measures may in fact reflect the failure-rather than the success-of your website.

Do You Really Need Search on Your Website?

You need to decide whether the value of having search on your website is greater than the cost of making sure that you do it well.

Search Engine Optimization: Beyond Search Keywords

The words people type into a search box are not always the words they like to read when they click on the search result. Here’s why.

Collective Intelligence: Is Your Website Tapping it?

Collective intelligence will be a key competitive advantage in the 21st Century. Never before has there been a better medium to tap the collective intelligence than the Web.

Your Website is For Your Most Important Customers

Most websites suffer from over-ambition. They try to do too much with few resources. They think they can answer every question.

Web Navigation is About Moving Forward

The primary purpose of web navigation is to help people to move forward. It is not to tell them where they have been, or where they could have gone.

The Trouble With Personalization

Personalization has rarely been implemented well. Its failure is usually because of a lack of understanding of customer behavior.

Websites Reflect True Face of an Organization

A website shows the true face of the organization as never before. A website is increasingly the place where customers get that vital first impression.

The True Cost of Content

Most content will never show a return on investment. The Web is overflowing with low-quality content. Sooner or later, senior management is going to pay serious attention to all this waste.

Long Tail: Boon for Consumer, Bust for Producer?

The Long Tail theory believes that the Web marks the end of the blockbuster era and rise of the niche. Perhaps true. But there may be some significant unexpected consequences.

Customer Focus: First Rule of Scientific Content Management

The science of content management begins with a deep understanding of your customer. The Web is more likely to push your customer away than to bring them closer.

Are Websites Judged in the Blink of an Eye?

People can get a strong impression of your website within one twentieth of a second, according to a new study. But it may not be a lasting impression.

Customer-Focus: Getting to Truly Know Your Customers

Asking people directly what they think can confuse them and lead them to make poor choices. Giving them too much choice makes them choose less, and regret the choices they make.

Get Smart About How You Manage Your Content

Bringing more science to content management is in no way dumbing down. Rather, it is about getting smart.

Scientific Content Management

Management is the pursuit of the best way. Content is an increasingly important resource and activity within organizations. It is time it was professionally managed.

Raising the Perceived Value of Your Website

Perception is everything. Right now, most senior managers do not perceive that content delivers significant value.

What E-Government is All About
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E-government is about making citizens’ lives easier and more convenient. There is no greater service a civil servant can deliver than to save the time of a citizen.

Find Out What Your Customer Really Needs From Your Website

If there is one reason-more than any other-why a website fails, it is because it doesn’t understand its customers.

RyanAir Success Has Strong Web Lessons

Despite record fuel prices, Ryanair makes record profits. Its no-frills website has helped this no-frills airline achieve such phenomenal success.

Usability Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

There is a balance that needs to be struck between a website that is truly functional and one that is elegant and stylish.

In Praise of Web Experts

People like experts because people like clear answers and rules. On the Web, Jakob Nielsen is seen as an expert. It’s one of the reasons he’s so popular.

Hurricane Katrina and the Dot Com Bubble

There has never been more information. And that’s exactly the problem. Too much information too quickly published is just as bad as too little.