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The Web Has Become the Organization

The Web has become the organization. An organization of a billion people with a billion things to say. And a million ways to work together.

Using Content to Drive Productivity and Make Sales

Most organizations do not properly understand or manage content. They fail to realize that quality content is now key to productivity, cost effectiveness, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Technology – Does it Make Managers Lazy?

Technology does not replace the need for good management. Without such management, technology can create more problems than it solves.

Why Intranet Search Fails

Intranet search performs miserably because most organizations do not properly manage their content.

Intranets Not Realizing Productivity Gains

The intranet is still in its infancy. It has not yet exploited its potential for creating value for the organization, according to the 2006 Global Intranet Strategies Survey.

Recovering From Organization-Centricity

Admit you have a problem: The first step to recovery is to admit that you are organization-centric. Say it: “We’re organization-centric.”

Managing in a Technology-Driven World

Too often we are managed by the technology. Endlessly busy, it’s easy to forget just exactly why we are doing all this work.

What Can Your Website Learn from Starbucks?

Like all great self-service organizations, Starbucks knows that you should never keep the customer waiting.

Why Award-Winning Websites are so Awful

Practical and functional websites rarely win prizes for design but they do win sales and make profits.

Get Published to Get Ahead

The ambitious today are all on the Web. Writing words, posting pictures, uploading video. It’s all about visibility. It’s all about being there, being seen in all the right places.

Intranets Must be Task-Centric

An organization-centric intranet is departmental-based. A staff-centric intranet is task-based. Organization-centric intranets fail. Task-centric intranets succeed. Here’s why.

Are You Too Inward-Focused?

Technology can act as a wall or a door between the organization and the customer. Too often it is becoming a wall.

When the Web Team Gets it Totally Wrong

Time and time again web teams get it totally wrong in relation to what customers want. There’s a simple reason for this and an equally simple answer.

End of Deference and Rise of Customer Power

The Web empowers the customer more than it empowers the organization. This shift in power is only beginning to be felt.

Do You Know What’s in Your Long Neck?

A website that doesn’t understand what’s in its Long Neck is doomed to underperformance, if not outright failure.

The Long Neck

All websites have a very small set of killer tasks that really matter to the customer. Web management is about perfecting the completion of these tasks.

And the Killer Content for an Intranet Is…

Who’s who? More than anything else, staff want to get in touch with other staff. Most organizations are poor at facilitating such interactions.

Truth Sells on the Web

It has rarely made sense for a business to advertise its weaknesses. Until the Web, that is.

Simplicity Demands Difficult Choices

Too much web management suffers from trying to be all things to all people. Apple and Google have triumphed from targeting common tasks.

Complexity Delivers Short-term Gain but Long-term Pain

Complexity sells (sometimes). Customers are often impressed by all the extra features. The mood can change when they have to use the product.

Senior Managers: You Can’t Keep Ignoring the Web

The Web deserves professional management because the Web is central to the future of the organization.

The Greatest Skill of the 21st Century

In an age when technology is everywhere, those who understand how technology works are easy to find. Those who understand how people work are much harder to find.

Making the Customer CEO

The key revolution of the Web is customer empowerment and engagement. The Web empowers the customer more than it empowers the organization. The implications are enormous.

Task Marketing Brings You Web Success

The best websites know that customers are ready for action. They help customers complete common tasks quickly and easily.