About George Sierchio

George Sierchio is a Principal at Action Business Partners (http://www.actionbusinesspartners.com)where he helps small businesses reach their goals regardless of being a start-up or well established company. He is also the author of "Internet Platinum- Online Marketing for Offline Businesses" (http://www.internetplatinum.com).
Most Businesses Can’t Survive on Referrals Alone

Referrals from colleagues and friends that turn into sales are the easiest and cheapest money you can make. These types of sales are often what new small businesses are started on. The problem is that many who start out with referral sales end up relying too much on them. This is the case especially with those individuals who decide to become independent contractors. They don’t realize that referrals can end up being far and few between and that they also have no control over when they may come around.