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George Ritacco is the Director of Client Services for Global Vision Technologies, Inc (GVT)., http://www.globalvisiontech.com a premiere software developer specializing in powerful, easy-to-use Internet systems for online training and development (http://www.omnitrackplus.com), sales and marketing intelligence, pharmaceutical sales ops, case management, and court reimbursement. GVT's primary goal is to provide our customers with tools for improving productivity, profitability, employee morale and turnover.
Never Give Up, Never Let Go…

CRM. When you really take a good look at the concept, customer relationship management (CRM) means different things to different people and different organizations.

End User Buy-In and How to Guarantee a Good Software Implementation

Failed Internet-based, software integrations and implementations aren’t new; incompatibilities between people, change resistance, new processes and technologies have always been a concern.