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George Dodge owns http://www.SmallBusiness2BigProfits.com that focuses on Small Business Marketing and hosts Bob Serling's Master Marketing Course for Small Businesses that "Can Literally Double Or Triple The Number Of New Customers Or Clients You Bring Into Your Business."
Determining the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

“Lifetime value is expressed as the total dollar value of your average customer over the entire period that they’re likely to do business with you..” – Bob Serling

Risk Reversal Will Sky Rocket Your Sales

One of the top obstacles that you have to get over is the prospect’s sensation that they are at risk when buying from you. The more they feel that they are at risk, the larger will be their reluctance to buy.

Determine The Lifetime Value Of Your Customer

Determining a customer’s lifetime value can reap big profits as you grow your business. However, if you are like just about all small business owners, you most likely have never determined the lifetime value of your customers and are thus forfeiting maximum income potential.