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Geoff Simon is currently Director of Search Marketing for SS | PR as well as principal for Simon Search Marketing, a small boutique agency focusing on the convergence of social media, user generated news and public relations. Geoff has over 10 years of experience with Internet, database and direct marketing and previously held posts with Bruce Clay, Grey Direct West and Walt Disney Interactive Media Group (formerly Disney Internet Group) where he helped transition disney.com's internal video search to FAST ESP during the 2008 redesign.
The Power of the Video Press Release The Power of the Video Press Release
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What’s the status of the traditional press release? Looking at other content marketing, it’s going video – which means there’s potential for enormous exposure online. You can imagine that reporters and bloggers are more apt to view an engaging video …

Barry Hay, Golden Earring (“Radar Love”) Front Man, Takes on Social Discovery Barry Hay, Golden Earring (“Radar Love”) Front Man, Takes on Social Discovery

Social discovery site 20blinks, co-founded by Sandra Hay, never fails to amaze. It’s an impulse as old as cave paintings – the desire to share images that interest us, things we find beautiful, inspiring, appalling or just plain weird. That’s …

Are Health Blogs Bad For You?

There was a time when certain professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, did not advertise in a general way. In some arenas, advertising was looked down upon and considered to be below the standard. In others, particularly the law, advertising specific services was illegal. Once the ban on television advertisements was lifted, there were some lawyers who ventured forth to test the waters. Naturally, they were shunned by peers, relegated to the same category as ambulance chasers. That is, until the peers saw how the advertisements paid off in a very big way.

SMX Social Media, April 22-23

For Internet marketers trying to reach the unique audiences at social media sites such as Facebook, Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon, the place to be on April 22 and 23 is Long Beach, California, for the SMX Social Media conference.

SMX Social Media was established by Search Engine Land editor-in-chief Danny Sullivan, who has been the go-to guy for Internet and search engine marketing for over a decade. He has a reputation for producing quality shows that deliver useful, timely information to attendees, some of whom even begin implementing his ideas during breaks in the conference.

Web 2.0 Companies Waiting to go Public

At this point, we really haven’t seen a major Web 2.0 company make it through an IPO.

We’ve seen YouTube gobbled up by Google, and MySpace snagged by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. To date, they remain the companies that have truly defined success in the evolving Web 2.0 era.

Need a Web 2.0 Primer?

If you’re responsible for building and delivering online products and services to any audience, then you need to know Web 2.0. Because if you don’t know Web 2.0, you’re being left behind as the face of the World Wide Web changes.

Media Giants Threatened By Web 2.0?

Two years ago, after YouTube had taken the Internet by storm, InterActiveCorp CEO Barry Diller scoffed at the idea that an amateur video-sharing site could threaten the entertainment industry.

Mashup and Marketing to Teens

Ever feel like you don’t have your finger on the pulse of the “Y” generation?

Web 2.0 Expo Preview

The expo is at the Moscone West in San Francisco from April 15 – 18. Whatever your definition of Web 2.0 is, looking at some of the high profile exhibitors from Adobe and AOL to Zoho and everyone else in between, It is worth taking note of. The expo is co-sponsored by O’Reilly Media and CMP Technololgy.

Social Media Invades Inc. 500

I came across an interesting study conducted by UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research today. 

Overcoming Blog Writer’s Block

Quality, compelling content that your target audience will read, digg and otherwise link to is the goal of most blog articles.

This in turn brings visitors to your blog, and might even attract a new subscriber or a lead or two.

But what happens when you sit down with your Red Bull, Coffee or other favorite writing beverage, ready to crank out some quality content, but can’t quite think of anything compelling to write about? Here are some of the things that I do that help me get over what my associates call “writers bloggage?”

Blog Terminology 101

With over 3 million blogs created in the third quarter of 2006 and around 1,000 blogs coming online every day according to Technorati, people might get confused by all the industry buzz words and lingo.

If you’re just looking for some basic blog terminology so you can feel like you’re “part of it,” then read on. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, check back in a few days for more advanced blog terminology.

The Consumer Equalizer: eCommerce Blogging

With blog posts focusing on companies and their quality of service or lack thereof, what can you do to make sure you know how to handle negative posts about your company on blogs?

How does this help the consumer, and ultimately, companies? Can companies learn crisis management when situations flare up?

Let’s begin with the first question.