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Will The Google AdSense Program Survive?
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Almost everyone is now aware of the Google AdSense program that has taken the Internet by storm. The Google AdSense program lets webmasters place Google’s paid sponsor listings on their web sites and collect a percent of the bid amount when someone clicks on one of the listings.

Scientific Advertising Will help Turn Gambles Into Profits

Advertising is one of the key factors to running a successful business. Most people assume that advertising is a gamble. Either a certain method will work or it won’t.

Mama, I Ain’t Spending Another Dime!

I remember the days when the Internet was new and companies were charging an average of $35 to run advertisers’ banners on their web sites for 1,000 impressions.

Pay-Per-Click Your Way To Success

You have heard about them. You have seen them popping up everywhere. Pay-per-click search engines are becoming one of the most popular methods to bring targeted traffic to your web site.

Award Sites Can Mean BIG Hits

I just managed to triple my daily visitors to one of my web sites by winning a web site award. How did I win the award? I simply took 5 minutes out of my day, submitted the necessary information and watched my traffic explode two days later.

Selling For Bigger Profits

Imagine, you are selling the coolest looking cowboy boots on the Internet and everyone is dying to buy a pair from you! At $200 a pair with a gross margin of 20%, you think you are making a mint. You competitor is selling similar boots on their web site for the same price, but their overall profits always seem to be 75% higher then yours. Why?