About Garth A. Buchholz

Garth A. Buchholz is the Corporate Web Manager for the City of Winnipeg (Winnipeg.ca) and publisher of Contentology (Contentology.com), a global information site for content developers. Garth has also been the Web manager and information designer for Investors Group (Investorsgroup.com). As an early "dot-com" entrepreneur and one of the first Internet journalists in Canada, Garth wrote a weekly newspaper column called Internet Today from 1997-2000.
Front End Alignment
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In large organizations, where departments and divisions develop and manage Web content on their own subsites, some of the greatest challenges are:

The 10 Commandments of Internet Writing
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1. Print content is structurally and functionally different from online content. Print is formally written and passively read. It’s linear, narrative, dated and presents a continuous view. Online content is informally written, chunked out, non-linear, interactive, dynamic and current. One involves reading paper, the other involves reading light.