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The Birth of the Sell Side Solution

Global shipping giant DHL employs the world’s largest express shipping network to service over 120,000 destinations in 228 countries and territories. 5,900 offices, 36 hubs, 275 gateways, 254 aircraft, and a team of 68,700 air express professionals support their worldwide coverage.

On Target: the Success Tactics of ExactTarget

The economic climate of the past year killed businesses without sound tactics, which is why I decided to interview Scott Dorsey of ExactTarget, who has not only started up
successfully with 30 employees, but won venture capital and gained 600 customers in the past 12 months. Their flagship product “enables anyone with basic computer skills to easily create, deliver, and track email marketing campaigns.”

StarOffice 6.0

What program do you use to manage your business data? If the answer is none, then let me recommend an immediate free fix: Star Office 5.2. For those of you who already use StarOffice, or are interested in an upgrade from your current suite, I’m happy to announce Sun’s spring release of StarOffice 6.0.

Understanding Applications Service Providers (ASPs)

You could haul water from the river every morning and boil it on the stove for bathing and drinking. You’d have to wake up alot earlier than you do now in order to get to work on time.
But think of all the money you’d save!

Well, I guess it wouldn’t be that much.

Your water company provides all the processing and piping that makes water a usable and convenient resource, all for a monthly fee, saving you the trouble of finding and cleaning your own steady supply.

Just in Time Management

Identify the Needs of the Moment

So what’s bugging you the most? That’s the need of the moment.

Let your worried mind bring you peace.

Loans Today
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“I hope to God they (small businesses) do go out and borrow money. If this country doesn’t invest in itself we are going to be in a recession…”

Barry Cargill
V.P. Government Relations
Michigan SBA


Borrow For Your Country

Getting to the Next Level …without Venture Capital

Don’t get stuck thinking that venture capital is the only route to the promised land of success. There’s a road block you say? No way around the costs of going national, or even global – no way to increase your profits without more money?

Focus (on the customer)
I don’t have to tell you again. You’ve read it a hundred times. Know who your customers are; know how to reach them with your ads.

Great Online Resources for the Small Business

Smallbusinesstown is a user-friendly small business resource site. What makes them worth a few minutes of your day is the diversity of their links. Whether your small business is still a dream, or a consuming, exhilarating reality, this site will enrich and enlighten.

In addition to 100 links, they offer 91 free online guide books, and the free software zone, where you can pick up the latest freeware download from the list of their top 20 picks, including this site that offers free accounting software:

Online Expert Advice – the Free Answer to All Your Questions
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Free online small business expert advice abounds. Wading through copious sage wisdom takes time, so we’ve investigated some of the more prominent sites offering experiential resources.

Once you join Allbusiness.com, they’ll direct your questions to experts on a wide variety of topics, from women in business to sales and marketing. Read through the previously answered questions to see if there’s any relevance to your question. If not, type your question into the provided submission form, and wait a week. Then check the message boards.