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Reorganizing Your Site May Help Your Rankings

Hi Mike, there are a few quick and easy changes you could make to your site that would make it more visually appealing and rank higher in the search engines.

Organize Your Landing Page: Tips For A Cluttered Site

Hi Garrett: I liked the review you did on Elke’s site. That’s what I am looking for. I wondered if a revision of how things are would ever bring us up in the PageRankings. I feel we cram to much information on the home page but I don’t know any other way to convey the info our customers are looking for.

Navigating E-Newsletters: The Editor’s Note

Carol Abrahamson, a regular WebProNews reader, recently submitted her text e-newsletter to me for the drive by review. She sells her consulting services along with an info product, so her e-newsletter is a crucial part of her marketing initiative. For this review I looked primarily at ways she could take email reading patterns into account and create an e-newsletter that readers will use and feel connected with.

Analyze Your Competition For Higer SE Rankings
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Greetings from North East Scotland! I enjoy your emails very much as SEO is important to us. Would there be any chance of you reviewing our site from a SE rankings perspective? We have difficulties competing on terms against free translation providers (like Babelfish and freetranslation who have huge link pops) and would like help in overcoming this.

10 Tips On Creating A More Professional Looking Site

Hi Garrett:
I have redesigned my home page almost 27 times, and I am still not happy. (o.k., I exagerated, but you know what I mean). The link is in my signature below: www.porteronlinepublishing.com. Please let me know what I need to do to make it look “professional”.

Yahoo!: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Buy Their Engine

Yahoo recently relaunched their search engine, and the results are decidedly Googlish. From the stripped-down look, to the news search focus, Yahoo! has clearly studied the master in their new bid for search supremacy.

Outsourcing Your IT Workload

Have you been considering outsourcing some of your IT workload? If you decide to, you’ll join the ranks of Oracle, Cisco, and IBM, all of whom have outsourced projects and large-scale initiatives to programmers and systems architects around the world.

Before you choose your outsourcing firm, there are a number of things you should consider. Time is money, sure, but if you spend a little time deciding if outsourcing is right for you then you could end up saving your company a lot of money.

Why Google Bought Blogger.com

You may have heard that Google recently purchased Pyra, the company responsible for Blogger.com, and BlogSpot.com, a “push-button publishing tool for the people…”

All About Froogle: Getting Listed + Froogle Data Feed

The Froogle Concept:

Froogle takes the power of the Google search and applies it to almost all the products available on the internet.

For consumers, Froogle shortens the distance between the keyboard and the product they’re searching for. Visit Froogle and type “dog collar.” Froogle presents a list of dog collar photographs, brief descriptions, prices, and links to each site that sells dog collars.

Now, who’s that at number one for dog collars? Let the Froogle optimization begin.

Rocketing Your eBay Profits

You Will Make $1000 a Month in 3 Months if:

How To Reach 500,000 eBusiness Executives

Put your eBusiness experience to work – write an article for WebProNews!

How to Launch Your In-House Software

Before you read the pre-launch, listening to customers, and development advice, though, look at the checklist below to see if you’re destined for success.

Your New Software Venture Will Succeed If:

  • Your product cures specific business pain.
  • You know people who can afford to buy your software.
  • You have a terrific in-house programming crew, or…
  • You have the resources to hire a terrific crew for at least a year.
  • You understand that your idea is nothing without brilliant, diligent programmers.
  • Your focus is on converting code to cash (not building a better mousetrap).
  • How to Land a Corporate Contract

    For starters, here’s a crash course in understanding the difference between regular money and corporate money:

    Why ExactTarget is successful

    The economic climate of the past year killed businesses without sound tactics, which is why I decided to interview Scott Dorsey of ExactTarget, who has not only started up successfully with 30 employees, but won venture capital and gained 600 customers in the past 12 months. Their flagship product “enables anyone with basic computer skills to easily create, deliver, and track email marketing campaigns.”

    Conversations with the Next Generation: eCommerce that Works

    Today’s issue combines two interviews: one with an ecommerce veteran and the other with an ecommerce star-rookie. Both have unique ecommerce strategies, and reading about their methods for success will help your bottom line.

    eCommerce That Works: Part B

    Please describe the most significant hurdle you’ve leapt so far, and explain why it was significant to your business.

    Grid Computing: CEOs Need to Know

    What’s a Grid?
    The computer on your desktop, the one you’re using to read this email, only has so much processing power, only so much speed. Your vice-president, who’s gazing out the window and thinking about his golf game, has computing power to spare. If your company had a grid set up, your computer could draw unused processing power from his computer to speed up your number-crunching software.

    Lessons from LearnKey: What the CEO Needs to Know (continued)

    This specialization makes the complex production process a simple series of easily duplicated steps. Think the factory floor of any major car manufacturer.

    Lessons from LearnKey: What the CEO Needs to Know

    LearnKey founder and CEO John Clemons decided early on that his company could not be all things to all people. That’s why he decided his company would be the best e-learning production company in the world. This decision bears out in the breakdown of employee function: only ten percent of their 100 or so employees are in sales and marketing, while 75 percent work on scripting, directing, filming, editing, design, programming, and other aspects of production.

    Create Email-Marketing Content that Sells

    It’s time to create some leads for your company. You’ve gathered email addresses for your company newsletter (in which, of course, you publish practical, niche-specific information to double opt-in readers) and you’re ready to tell them how your product will help their company.

    Flee The Fee

    Open-source (free) software is nothing new to the back end of business computing – chances are good your enterprise runs Linux servers that send email, control print jobs, and serve your company website internally and to customers. These non-proprietary software not only save money but keep hackers at bay. Ask your tech folk what you’re running, and, more importantly, why.

    What Would Google Do?
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    Everything’s Google this and Google that on the Internet, and it’s high time that someone searched for some answers as to why they’re the number one search engine, and why they’ve doubled their revenue since last year.

    I plugged these questions into the Garrett search engine, and I’d like to share the results with you.

    The Ins of Outsourcing

    Have you been considering outsourcing some of your IT workload? If you decide to, you’ll join the ranks of Oracle, Cisco, and IBM, all of whom have outsourced projects and large-scale initiatives to programmers and systems architects around the world.

    Online Spending – The Latest News

    TEC International just concluded their 2002 first-quarter survey of 6,000 CEOs of small-to-midsize companies. Most are, in Greenspan’s words, “cautiously optimistic.” According to BusinessWeek, this is what they found:

    CEOs General Opinion On the Economy

    26% recovery is at hand 49% growth will begin to accelerate in the second half of 2002

    Which Industries Will Have The Greatest Gains?

    26% tech 29% manufacturing 21% biotech

    How Many Expect Sales To Increase and By How Much?