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ISP Filters Have 17% Erroneous Block Rate

In a recent report released by Jupiter Media, analysts reported that ISPs and spam filters are currently responsible for erroneous blockages of 17% of permission emails that should be getting through.

Booble Responds To Google: Read Letter
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Booble has now responded to Google’s request that Booble.com be handed over to Google. Here is a copy of their letter to Google which was sent earlier today:

Google Sends Cease and Desist to Booble
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Google lawyers have sent a cease and desist email to Booble.com. They claim trademark violation and dispute Booble’s claims that the site is simply a parody… which under law is protected by free speech.

How to Monitor Google Datacenters
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Google Datacenters: I heard that Google changed its datacenters recently from this post in WebProWorld that described a datacenter update. Of course, this led me to ask what exactly a datacenter was and what datacenters have to do with optimization.

Google Predictions for 2004

What will happen with Google in 2004? I wrote to some of the top search engine optimizers to get their predictions for the search engine industry in 2004. Today’s blog focuses solely on their Google predictions.

Google Algorithm Clues?

In an effort to impress job-seeking scientists with the quality of their intellectual community, Google recently published some of the academic papers written by their search scientists.

How to Get in Eurekster

The Eurekster search engine launched recently with fanfare on many of the search industry sites and a big article in Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Watch.

Is a Yahoo listing worth $299?

Our feature article today investigates a great way to increase sales (that doesn’t involve a search engine… imagine that ;). Please read “Double Your Sales With A Customer Survey” to learn more. If you have questions for him feel free to send them in and I’ll pass them along.

Could Froogle Ruin Affiliate Marketing

Due to a rising concern among affiliates that Froogle’s causing a drop in sales, Brittany called members of the affiliate industry to get their take.

The Google Pharmacy Ad Controversy

Search for “Vicodin” or “Oxycontin” in Google. Now buy some of these powerful opiates from Google’s online pharmacy sponsors. You don’t even need to visit a doctor first at some of their sponsors’ sites, which makes these online pharmacies so popular with drug abusers.

New Google Backlink Update

Google Rumors. Dan Thies wants to stop some dangerous Google rumors. Read his feature article here.

Ranking Well With Inktomi

Inktomi Insight. I called Ross Dunn today, looking for some insight into Inktomi, Yahoo’s search engine in waiting. Inktomi will soon replace Google as Yahoo’s search engine. Ross is a WebProNews SEO veteran and a super nice guy.

Is Google’s Adsense Nonsense?

Contextual Ad Wars: Google vs. Overture

Microsoft Search = Google Apocalypse?

I spoke with Dan Thies (author of today’s feature article) earlier today about Microsoft Search and he shared a great observation: Microsoft’s strategy is about squashing competition, not competing with it.

Local Search Explodes

Happy New Year! Cheers to big clicks in 2004!

In Tuesday’s issue we looked at Google predictions for 2004. As we all know, Google’s not the only search engine, and those of us whose rankings dropped after the Florida update learned that it’s not profitable to expect traffic from Google.

Why Google Blocked Scroogle
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Do you remember Scroogle? Daniel Brandt, of Google-Watch.org, created Scroogle when he discovered that you could see pre-update results for search terms when you included “+ jibberish term” after your key term.

Last Minute Marketing Strategies

Oh yeah, the holidays… It came to my attention that the holidays are upon us. If you’re like me you may have procrastinated some on your gift shopping. If you went and bought gifts you may still have some marketing to do.

The Google Tab Theory

Danny Sullivan discussed his “Invisible Tabs” theory during his keynote speech at the Search Engine Strategies conference. Google’s recent release of their book search lends credibility to this theory, and points in the direction Google’s heading.

CANSPAM’s Effect on Marketing

The CANSPAM Act just passed here in the US, so I decided to call Loren McDonald, VP of Marketing for EmailLabs, on his views about how this would affect the marketing industry. Just for some background information: “EmailLabs is an email marketing solutions company that empowers corporations with leading edge emarketing solutions.” (from the site)

What Did Google Mean?

Sparks of Controversy. There was a substantial amount of controversy in the WebProWorld forums regarding what Marissa Mayer, the Director of Consumer Web Products at Google, told me at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago last week. She said, “If you dropped in rankings, go back and look at who you linked to and who’s linking to you. If any of these people are using spam techniques, they’re the reason your site no longer appears on Google.”

Google Apologizes.

There’s been a lot of anger and frustration since the Florida Updates. Apparently, Google understands the fact that people’s businesses rely on Google results. Craig Nevill-Manning, Google’s Senior Research Scientist, said, for what it’s worth, “I apologize for the roller coaster. We’re aware that changes in the algorithm affect people’s livelihoods. We don’t make changes lightly.” Well, at least that’s good to know. Read more statements here.

Search Guru Danny Sullivan Talks Google

Are You Addicted to Google? Go ahead, admit it. You’re an addict, too. This morning at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago, Danny Sullivan gave a Keynote speech titled “Google Anonymous” — the joke is many people seem to be addicted to Google. Danny is considered one of the most prominent search engine marketing experts in the world. He offered a step-by-step process to help people overcome this “addiction.”

Organic Listings Forum

Live at Search Engine Strategies. I just went to the Organic Listings Forum, where we asked questions and discussed techniques related to “organic” search engine listings. The session opened with an audience member asking the heated question: Is Google ranking sites higher that purchase Adwords? This kicked the session into a heated debate, with a panel of experts providing answers.

Google Adwords Moan

Google Adwords is obviously going through growing pains. This has been a hot topic in the forums. A person calling himself “Citypublife” wrote: