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Yahoo vs. Google: Demographics

Following a PPC session at yesterday’s DMA/AIM net.marketing conference, two experts offered their insight into the search engine world.

The Secrets of Writing SEO Copy
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At yesterday’s DMA/AIM net.marketing conference, session director Heather Lloyd Martin, president of SuccessWorks, offered some powerful words of wisdom regarding SEO copywriting.

Yahoo! Vs. Google: Algorithm Standoff
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Studying the relationship between keyword density and your search ranking for those keywords can reveal interesting clues about how to write search engine friendly copy. Many SEOs believe this type of study, however, is a waste of time, as analysis typically reveals that our natural keyword densities are in line with what ranks well on Google.

Yahoo To Exclude Inktomi Paid Inclusion

Andy Beal reported recently that Tim Mayer of Yahoo confirmed that Yahoo’s using a search technology that is not actually Inktomi.

Does Google Filter Results?

I’ve read many times over that Google’s using a filter to help screen out results for certain search terms. GoogleGuy, Google’s PR representative at WebMasterWorld, all but denies the existence of filters. Because of the continued filtering questions and adamant denials I decided to enlist some help from professionals and find out what a filter is, why Google receives filtering accusations, and what the implications of a filter would be.

Analysis Of Yahoo’s New Algorithm

In an article from eWeek that he published in his blog, Andy Beal said that 15 people from his company spent the majority of Tuesday analyzing Yahoo’s results.

Optimizing For The New Yahoo

Well, it’s official. Yahoo’s now deploying their new algorithmic search technology and you’ll see it rolling out across their network in the next couple of weeks. (Good timing for the Search Engine Strategies Conference, eh? Yahoo’s sure to be the big buzz now.)

The only question now is how do you optimize your site for the new Yahoo?

Yahoo Now Shows Inktomi Listings

We’ve heard the talk for months, and now they’ve gone and switched all the way. Yahoo now shows what we assume are Inktomi results, though it could be something of a Google cocktail (if you have thoughts on the results composition please post).

Google’s Brandy Update Exposed

If you’re a forum regular you know by now that Google’s results are changing again. I hope your rankings improve.

A Look At Yahoo’s New Algorithm

Yahoo’s official announcement last month that they planned to drop Google results in Q1 brought about a wave of speculation on when they would actually make the switch. Some wonder if they’ll ever fully make the switch, since Yahoo is a part Google owner.

Analysts Predict Major Google Shift Next Week

Jim Hedger and Ross Dunn of Stepforth released their predictions today that Google rankings will undergo another change next week.

Why Is MSN Still Showing LookSmart Results?

After noticing the LookSmart directory results still in MSNsearch, I wrote to the guys at LookSmart to get some details.

False: The The “Google Dumping DMOZ?” Rumor

Is Google planning to drop the DMOZ directory? This search-shattering rumor came to my attention yesterday in this post from Minstrel, one of our moderators in WebProWorld.

The Kelsey Group Talks Verizon And PPC

Greg Sterling, the Senior Vice President of the Kelsey Group, the prominant “provider of strategic research and analysis, data and competitive metrics on Yellow Pages, electronic directories and local media,” answered some questions about the upcoming PPC offering from Verizon.

Cracking Verizon’s New PPC Product

Verizon recently announced the March launch of a pay-per-click product for sale from their SuperPages site. Curious about the PPC newcomer, I wrote to Troy Perkins of PayPerClickAnalyst.com to get his preliminary thoughts on Verizon and the viability of their new product.

The Link Building vs. Content SEO Debate

The link building vs. content seo debate is still raging in the forums. John Scott, a staunch advocate of link building, keeps the thread hopping with his beliefs that, for competitive search terms, links are the only way to top rankings.

Most Searchers Use Two Word Phrases

According to OneStat, a Danish web analytics software company, the 7 most used word phrases in search engines on the web are:

Why Is Google Tracking SERP clicks?

In a recent phone interview Dan Thies informed me that Google has been tracking click throughs on their search engine result pages (serps) for some time.

Getting Listed In German Search Engines

How does one get listed in Google.de? If you’re in the US Google will you automatically show up in Google.de? What other German search engines or directories are there for sites who want German-speaking visitors?

Does Google Favor Large Sites?

Dan’s researching Google using their API, which allows programmers and other technical types to use the Google database for their own creative, non-commercial projects.

Is Organic SEO Dead?
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In an fiery post over at SEOroundtable, John Scott stated his opinions regarding what he calls the two styles of search engine optimization: Content SEO and Link Mongers.

Booble Speaks: We Will Prevail

We feel good about our chances of prevailing.” – BoobleBob

Google attorneys recently issued a “cease and desist” letter to adult search site Booble, challenging Booble’s parody claims. Booble attorneys shot back a response, defending the parody and denying Google’s demands for the Booble domain.

Surviving Austin, Google’s Latest Update

There are two SEO camps when it comes to Google updates. The first camp holds that Google updates are very exciting (and traumatic) events that are worth studying for the sake of better understanding the Google algorithm and how to rank higher.

Keyword Density Analysis

GoRank, an SEO tools provider, recently released a study of keyword density. I wrote them to ask if any of their results surprised them.