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Google AdSense To Allow Multiple Ad Units Per Page

In the recent changes to Google’s AdSense terms of service, many AdSense users noticed this statement: “multiple ad units may be displayed on each Web site page, but no ad unit shall contain any advertisement in common with any other ad unit.”

Kanoodle Interview: ClickFactor + Major Content Deal

Kanoodle, through ContextTarget, places contextually-relevant ads on participating content providers’ websites. I spoke yesterday with Lance Podell, Kanoodle president, about their new ClickFactor system of determining ContextTarget relevance.

Arrest Shows Google’s Vulnerability
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Michael Bradley, recently arrested for his boneheaded attempt to extort money from Google, is a wake up call to the PPC industry.

Tool Tracks Google Ranking Changes

RankPulse tracks and publishes the daily changes in 1,000 different keywords at Google. They focus on high competition keywords like “cars” and “free domain name” and present their findings in graph format on their site.

Yahoo Web Rank Determined Algorithmically

Web Rank, Yahoo’s unlaunched answer to Google’s PageRank, is in beta testing with a “small group” of Yahoo “companions,” Yahoo PR told me today. It’s also in unofficial beta test among a large group of webmasters and web marketers.

Google Local: Finally Up To Yahoo Speed

Google graduated their local search to beta yesterday with the launch of Google Local. Google crosschecks their index with the Yellow Pages to deliver local stores and services.

Search Trends: Creating A Google

The term “authority site” comes from a concept in “Hilltop: A Search Engine based on Expert Documents,” an academic paper that some search optimizers speculate is a part of Google’s algorithm.

Yahoo Penalizing Affiliate Sites

From the WebMasterWorld forums comes word that Yahoo’s cracking down on affiliate sites. The thread, six pages long at the time of this writing, includes snippets of letters from Yahoo to the forum members, many of whom have been banned.

Tool Compares Google And Yahoo Algorithms

One of the coolest tools I’ve seen recently for comparing Google and Yahoo results lives over at the blog site langreiter.com.

Yahoo Responds To Site Match Questions

Last week Yahoo launched Site Match, their controversial paid inclusion program. The Search Engine Strategies conference, and many online communities, buzzed with indignation at the new pricing structure, which requires businesses to pay both for being listed and for each click on that listing.

Expert Insight On Search Engine Strategies

The conference is over, but the insights keep coming in. I want to share with you some of the highlights from interviews I had with Greg Jarboe, Dan Thies, Ben Pfeiffer, and Andy Beal (all authors of past WebProNews articles and attendees at the SES conference).

Yahoo! Ahead In Local Search Race

Yahoo officially launched SmartView Tuesday, moving still farther ahead of Google in the race for local search.

SmartView adds functionality and a wider choice to Yahoo’s old “maps” page. Type in your zip code in the form on the top left of the page and a map of your neighborhood pops up.

What The Experts Learned At The Search Conferences

To round out our conference coverage I asked several of my conference friends about what they learned. I talked with SEO experts, expo presenters, and Jackie Jahosky, who’s gained fame for her in-session response to Site Match: “I just don’t like it.”

Crawler Insights From Google and Yahoo!
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My favorite sessions at the SES conference were those where Google and Yahoo appeared on the same panels. You could almost always count on some crackling tension between the two search giants.

The “Meet The Crawlers” session was no exception.

Internal Search: Unlocking the Search Within

Nacho Hernandez of Mexgrocer.com is excited about the future of search.

Yahoo! Talks BlackHat Optimization And Search As Media

I had lunch with Tim Mayer of Yahoo yesterday. I’d heard he was “looking for me,” at PubCon one night in the hotel bar, and figured it was because we broke news on the SiteMatch product a little earlier than Yahoo would have liked. So I kind of avoided him after that.

Will the Government Intervene in Paid Online Advertising?

What are the major threats to growth in the online advertising marketplace?

Site Match Officially Launched

Ever since whispers about Overture’s new paid inclusion product were leaked at last week’s WebmasterWorld PubConference, e-Business professionals have been wondering when the service would be officially released.

The Dark Side of the Force: Skanky Links
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Yesterday’s Advanced Link Building session of Search Engine Strategies featured WebGuerrilla President Greg Boser, an infamous Google spammer, on the same panel as Google’s Director of Technology, Craig Silverstein.

Yahoo! Charges into Personalized Search

During last week’s WebmasterWorld PubConference VI, Yahoo! representative Tim Mayer gave a highly informative speech and provided some useful facts and tidbits.

Google AdSense is Put on the Spot

Google AdSense representative Gokul Rajaram was put on the spot during last week’s Webmasterworld PubConference in Orlando, Florida.

Overture’s Site Match Revealed

Here’s the first breaking news from the WebmasterWorld conference: some very reliable sources have revealed the name of Overture’s top secret new product.

Google’s Promises for the Future

In the days to come Google will be paying closer attention to search engine spam, said Google representative Matt Cutts at Webmasterworld’s Publishers Conference today.

Blogs Mean Better Listings on Google
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Rick Bruner, President of Executive Summary Consulting spoke at a session titled Blogs: A Powerful Tool for Gathering Market Intelligence. The session was part of the DMA/AIM net.marketing conference and exhibition, which focused on advances in interactive marketing.