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Gmail And Its Optimizers May Hurt Online Publishers

OK, how many times have you searched online today? Now, how many times have you checked your email? If Gmail passes through the gauntlet of privacy activists and gets the number of users it will take to provide real value to advertisers, then AdSense in Gmail will become a crucial product in the advertising mix.

Tool Monitors Your Site’s Google Ranking

If you’re looking for an easy way to monitor and track your ranking for specific keywords in Google then you should consider using GoogleRankings.

The Fractional PageRank Hypothesis

Those who watch their PageRank closely may be interested in this purely speculative concept from the fine folks at SEORoundtable – fractional PageRank.

The Google Support Newsgroup FAQ

Tomi Hs compiled all the frequently asked questions he’s encountered as a member of the google.public.support.general newsgroup over the years and broke them down into seven sections on this useful but unglamorous site.

Latest Google PageRank Update

Google updated PageRank on the 7th, a fact noted in many forums, including WebProWorld.

Yahoo’s Site Match Links Unveiled

Tim Mayer of Yahoo visited WebProWorld recently to set the record straight on the difference between how regular Yahoo results appear and how Site Match results appear.

Smart Pricing Changes AdSense Payouts
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In all the Gmail flurry last week Google sent around an email to their AdSense providers alerting them to a potential change in payouts known as “Smart Pricing.”

Google Gmail Review

Well, Gmail reviews are trickling onto the web (solely?) by way of Sean Palmer, author of the blog Miscoranda and one of 1000 official Gmail beta testers.

Google Indexes Document’s First 101k

How big are your web pages? If you’re creating especially long, text-heavy pages you might consider breaking up your site into smaller pieces. Into 101k size pieces to be exact, according to GoogleGuy.

New AdSense Tool Charts Channel Data

DigitalPoint, yes, the same company that brought you the Yahoo WebRank calculator (on the very day that WebRank unoficially debuted), recently released an AdSense tool that allows you to chart impressions, clicks, clickthrough percentages, earnings per click, and more.

Google’s Recent Changes: Expert Commentary

The launch of Gmail overshadowed many of the changes that Google announced recently. I spoke with several SEO experts recently about what they thought was significant about Google’s changes.

Google Gmail Privacy Issue Overblown?

Privacy advocates are up in arms over Google’s new free email service, Gmail. Their concern? Google plans to “read” each email and add relevant AdSense advertising.

Don’t Hoard Your Google PageRank

If you’ve been using JavaScripts on outbound links from your webpages in an effort to preserve your PageRank you should quit – for two reasons.

Hacking the Google Numrange Operator
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For hardcore researchers Google launched a new number range search, allowing users to look for pages that contain numbers within a specified range. If you’re looking for that one Phil Collins song you loved so much in the early 80s and can’t remember the name simply type “phil collins 1980..1985″ without the quotes.

Elvis: First Known Gmail User

Google announced a new free email service at the end of their West Coast day yesterday, ensuring a media blitz on the holiest of hoaxter holidays – April Fools Day. Is this upcoming service the real deal?

Google Clarifies: No AdSense In Email
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Contrary to the interpretation of some forum and blog posters, Google AdSense terms and conditions does currently forbid the use of AdSense ads in email.

Google Signaling The Decline of ODP?

Google moved the ODP off the front page, causing a bit of a stir in forums and articles around the web. Is this a big deal, and what does it mean for webmasters?

Looking Back: Google in 1997

In celebration of how Google looks now I’d like to invite you to check out how they looked back in 1997.

Google AdSense In eMail?
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By cloaking it may be possible now to serve AdSense ads directly into email, though the process is described as “tricky” in the DigitalPoint forum.

Google Personalized: For The Search-Challenged

Google beta launched Google Personalized today, but it’s going to take a lot more functionality to get me to use it rather than keywords to narrow my search.

New Tool Predicts Google PageRank

If you’ve been on a link building campaign lately and would like to check on the fruits of your labor (your PageRank) then click over to Rusty Brick’s new PageRank predictor.

MapQuest Points To Future Of RealTime Marketing

MapQuest called recently to talk about the new MapQuest Advantage API that they’re licensing. Craig Barton, Director of Product Management for MapQuest Business Solutions, shared some interesting current uses of the MapQuest API, as well as a tanalizing glimpse into the future of maps and marketing.

GoogleGuy Says: Google’s Forum Posts

GoogleGuy appears at the WebMasterWorld forums and talks with members about Google’s constant changes. He can’t tell all of Google’s secrets, but he does offer some crumbs, and the occasional banquet, of search engine optimization wisdom.

Kanoodle Ads To Appear On MSNBC

Kanoodle today announced its partnership with MSNBC, bringing over 200 new topics and over 300 million pageviews per month to their advertisers. The ads will appear in April.