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Click Fraud: The Google Killer
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Google listed click fraud as one of the potential “worries” that would-be investors should consider. In fact, they admitted to regularly paying refunds because of click fraud and stated that they may have to make retroactive payments.

Google URL Points To Blog Search

I recently wrote on a discovery by several bloggers that the Google bot was requesting non-existant files from root directories lately. Many think this indicates that Google has plans to launch their own blog search engine.

Google: Popular Name In Domain Registrations
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The building furor over Google’s IPO may have inspired over 400 domain name registrations that included the name “Google” in April and the beginning of May. These domains were not registered by Google.

Post-IPO SEO: Optimizing For A Public Google
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Google finally announced their IPO after months of rumor and suspense leaving the world hungry for news about Google. But what will Google’s status as a public company mean to the practice of optimizing your website for Google?

Google Bug Skews URL

Astute WebProNews reader Diego Palacios Soto noticed an interesting bug in Google’s result pages. He wrote recently to let me know that “when you search C + n + B you get an error in the way Google parse the URLs of the results. Check it out.”

Orkut Community Info Leaked

An email posted on the Blogoscoped blog from Rolan Yang of New Jersey, “A while back, an associate of mine aquired a mirror of the entire Orkut website.” He plugged the information into a data mapper to map out the relationships between Orkut members within the US.

Tool Monitors Google’s Datacenters

If you’re an algoholic who can’t stop watching Google’s algorithm, then there’s a good chance you watch their datacenters closely. Here’s a program that will let you monitor them from your desktop so you can quit searching the datacenters individually to see if there’s an update coming.

Google Patent Reveals New ReRanking Algorithm

A recently filed Google patent reveals a possible future change in Google’s algorithm. The algorithm-chasers out there engaging in high-risk seo techniques should pay special attention.

BookMarklets: Tool For Monitoring Google’s Index

BookMarklets, like their older siblings BookMarks, give you shortcuts to web content. Bookmarklets are different though because they are actually “JavaScript programs in URL form” that allow you a quicker means of searching.

GoogleBot Heralding Blog Search?
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GoogleBot’s been requesting non-existant files from root directories lately, leading some to suspect that Google’s planning a blog search addition to their results, possibly even a new link above the search box.

Google Now Reading Flash Files
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While Google’s inclusion of Flash files in their index is not new, their ability to read the binary in the files themselves appears to be.

Sites With Blocked PageRank

Some sites that sell text links get their PageRank banned – in other words, Google reduces the value of their outbound links to nothing. Their PageRank still appears at normal levels, but the PageRank is not passed to any pages they link to.

Google’s Broken Heart: PageRank Under Attack

“The heart of our software is PageRank.” This quote, from Google’s PageRank description page, contradicts opinions and hypothesis posted on forums, blogs and articles around the web. One search developer even called PageRank “a silly idea in practice.” Evidence points to Google not using “classic PageRank” in their algorithm at all these days, and many consider it all but dead.

Google’s Ghost PageRank
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A thread at the HighRanking forum discusses a Tripod site’s rapid rise to a PageRank of 5. Jill Whalen, who owns the forum, suggested it could be a result of ghost PageRank.

Yahoo Search Shortcuts
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I’ve used Google shortcuts for a long time – you know, like “links:www.webpronews.com” to find out how many links to my site Google recognizes, and “define:guttural” to find definitions. They also recently launched a travel information shortcut, and a number range operator.

GoogleGuy Requests End To The GoogleGuy-Says Site

The GoogleGuy Says site, which I covered in GoogleGuy Says: Google’s Forum Posts, received a WebMasterWorld posted cease and desist from GoogleGuy himself.

New Sites Dropped From Google?
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Some forums have reported that new sites take longer to rank well in Google – despite relatively high Page Rank.

Google Bug Exposed

While searching the term nissan armada headrest monitor, Jason Dowdell, of Global Promoter, discovered an interesting glitch in Google’s results.

No More Hats: High Risk vs. Low Risk SEO
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There are seo techniques that can get your site banned from Google if you’re caught or one of your competitors notices and turns you in for spamming. These techniques, commonly referred to as “black hat” techniques, are the topic of many forum threads, and have brought ruin to many an unsuspecting optimizer.

Advocate’s Gmail Arguments Largely Unfounded

The privacy debate continues to swell over Google’s recently announced Gmail service, which offers enormous amounts of storage in exchange for the ability to scan incoming emails and place ads based on keywords there.

Check Your Links With These Free Tools

While these link checking tools are far from new, you may not have heard of them, or may have some tools to add to the mix or suggestions of how to use these particular tools more effectively.

Yahoo Results Now Reveal Your Destiny

A recent Onion article, “Yahoo Launches Soul-Search Engine,” made satirical claims that Yahoo launched a soul-searching engine.

Marketing With Amazon’s A9 Search Portal

Amazon got the search world buzzing with the launch of their new search portal A9, but how will this new service affect the way that your customers interact with your brand?

AdWords Advice From Google

Mark Carey, who records GoogleGuy’s posts on his site GoogleGuy Says, also records posts made by a Google employee who goes by AdWords Advisor. This article looks at the four posts that I thought were the most useful and widely applicable. These posts came originally from WebMasterWorld.