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ADTECH: Hewlett-Packard Customers Showing “Brand Love”

Allison Johnson is the Senior Vice President, Global Brand and Communications for Hewlett-Packard and she delivered a keynote address this morning on “The Changing Role of Interactive in Global Marketing.”

AD:TECH – Online Marketing Advice From HP

Mark Eddings is the Internet Manager of HP’s Americas eBusiness Web Merchandising Unit. This means he’s responsible for selling lots and lots of product.

Crawler Alert: Instant Notification When Google Visits

If you want to know the instant Google’s bot visits your site then you’re a severe algoholic. And Crawler alert will help you get your fix. Crawler alert will send you an email when any of the major search bots visit the page you specify.

AdTech Overview – Marketing To “The Social Web”

I flew into sunny San Francisco this morning and first thing I scoped out the Ad:Tech venue – the ultra-swank Palace Hotel (marble escalators – enormous sunlit atrium with jazz band for Sunday brunch). I tried to get a sneak peek at the vendor’s section too, but their guard dog informed me that only vendors are allowed today.

ADTECH: Google Open Forum: Google Ads From The Mouths Of Clients

The focus of this conference seems to be on getting the message through to the influentials. The Google Open Forum was an excellent example of how large companies are working this crucial group of people – this session was an extended ad for Google.

Cache Bashing: Google API Used In SEO War
· 8

The Nigritude Ultramarine seo contest just got nastier with the addition of an application that uses Google’s API to scrape Google’s cached pages of Nigritude Ultramarine sites. The wily creator of this app then cloaks the stolen pages as if they were his, and since he’s got higher PageRank he kicks the site he copied out due to the duplicate site penalty.

Lessons From The New Google Bomb
· 1

I’ve had several people write in asking about how to use the new method of Google bombing to raise your rankings, and many people in the forums have dropped their own little bombs to test out how it works.

Search Optimization With Hyphenated URLs
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It’s widely believed that hyphenated urls that include your primary keywords can help you rank higher for those keywords. For my entomological supply site I might create a url like this: Butterfly-Nets.com, especially if I specialize in butterfly nets.

Risky Tactics That Lure Search Bots Into Your Site

If you’ve got one or a few pages in Yahoo’s index but are having trouble getting more pages indexed one thing that might work is putting links to your deeper, unindexed pages high in the code of the pages that are indexed.

Google Berg Beheading Ads Gone

A tip from astute WebProNews reader William Hourihan revealed that someone had put up Nicholas Berg’s beheading video for sale and bought Google ads for it. The ads have either been pulled or the advertiser ran out of money for the day.

Tools For Checking Backlinks To Your Site
· 3

What’s the best way of finding all the existing links to your site? It’s widely acknowledged that Google doesn’t show all the links when you do a “link:www.yoursite.com” search. Dave Hawley said that Google confirmed to him that they only ever shows a sample of the links to a given site.

Google Ranking Benefit For Link Titles?

My recent article on the power of anchor tags sparked some interesting discussion in the WebProWorld forum, and revealed an aspect of anchor tag optimization I hadn’t heard mentioned before.

Gmail Spam Test
· 1

Aaron Pratt wants you to spam his Gmail account. He wants to know a)how long it takes to fill up a gig of space and b)how well Gmail’s spam filters work. For the record, and the spam bots, his address is prattboy@gmail.com.

New Google Bombing Method Found

On the 6th of May Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped started an experiment. He added a false parameter and keyword to a link to a high PR site to see if the site would appear for the key phrase. His test was http://www.cnn.com/?-gmail-account.

Google C++B Bug Fixed

I reported recently on a Google bug in which queries that included the letter “c” followed by two spaces and then the letter “b” caused an error in how Google parsed the urls in the results.

How To Optimize Your Images For Image Search
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Do the images on your website appear in Google’s image search? If you’re selling products they should. If you have pictures of yourself on your site those should appear in Google’s (and Yahoo’s) image search too.

Search Bots Behaving Badly

In a classic bit of Internet history (1998/12/30), a newsgroup member explained the GoogleBot to a poster complaining of its rude behavior.

Nigritude Ultramarine: SEOs Clash For Top Ranking

DarkBlue, an affiliate network, has launched a SEO contest that has the SEO world churning out optimized pages and links (with optimized anchor text) for the selected term, Nigritude Ultramarine.

Google Building Enterprise Gmail?
· 1

A Google employee revealed to someone attending the Toronto Search Engine Strategies conference that Google has plans to launch an email product for the enterprise.

Risky SEO Techniques With Non-Spam Intent

There are high risk techniques that, when employed without the intention of gaming search results, provide solutions for some difficult-to-rank pages. Alan Webb, of ABAKUS Internet Marketing, writes that, “there is unlikely to ever be a full consensus on what is or is not an acceptable search engine optimization technique. What you need to do is simply to ask yourself, am I trying to dupe Google here?”

Anchor Text Tips That Rocket Your Rankings
· 28

Google/Yahoo bombing is the practice of placing terms you want a given page to rank for in anchor text that links to that page. Huh? Ok, here’s an example: if I wanted this page to rank highly for the term “President of the Internet” I’d create a link like this: President of the Internet and have all my friends and friendly readers post that link and text on their sites.

How Search Engines Teach Users To Search
· 2

I recently had a conversation about search with my sister, who’s a college librarian. It was interesting to (for once) think about search outside of its marketing potential. She told me about about students who type in natural language search queries (sometimes simply typing in the name of their class or assignment title) and dreamed of a search engine that will understand exactly what searchers are looking for.

Google “SandBox Effect” Revealed
· 27

I reported recently on a Google ranking phenomenon in which newly listed sites rank well for two to three weeks and then drop completely out of the top 1000. Often these newly dropped sites have high page rank and don’t show for even the least competitive of terms. Discuss the Sandbox Effect in WebProWorld.

Orkut Info Leak Update
· 1

Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped recently reported on leaked Orkut data. He’d found a non-Google site that allowed visitors to trace the relationships between Orkut members on a map of the United States.