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Drunken-Style SEO

“I say the best rule of thumb is to optimize like a drunk guy would. Don’t leave a pattern.” – seomike

I saw this quote over at the SEW forum and about busted out laughing. There’s some truth to it though, especially if you’re doing large linking campaigns.

Yahoo Adds Movie Showtime Shortcut
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Gary Price (via SEL) noted Yahoo’s recent addition of a movie showtime shortcut.

Keyword Competition Analysis: KEI and Beyond
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A poster at the ihelpyou forum has an idea for a site but before he launches he wants to determine the competition for his chosen keywords. Dan Thies, a “Super Moderator” at ihelpyou, offers some fantastic advice that applies to those analyzing business model viability or hunting for some less competitive keywords to optimize for.

Link Structure Beats Google’s Network Filter
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If you run a network of sites then there’s a new algorithmic speculation you need to be aware of – the network filter.

Search Optimization For Adult Sites
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The online adult industry lures many online with promises of easy riches. During the crash one ecommerce pundit pointed to adult sites as sites that could survive. While we know that wasn’t true, it’s true that the adult industry grew through the down turn and remains to day a major technology driver (so much so that USAToday wrote an article on adult tech recently).

Ranking Well In Non-US Searches

Yes, we supposedly work on the World Wide Web, but localization and micromarketing (a term I learned from a Stuart Elliot column describing a marketing pitch by Sharper Image to one area of Soho in New York) increasingly segment and complicate results, especially across foreign search portals. So here are some suggestions – from the Search Engine Watch forums – for reaching potential clients who live in countries other than yours.

SES London: Link Building And Domain Name Issues

The Search Engine Strategies London conference started a week ago and I’m glad that Alan Webb attended and shared his observations over at SEOChat. I’ve gone through his posts and lifted what I think are the most important SEO tips – be sure to check out his complete posts.

Yahoo Busting Up 301 Redirects

Barry Schwarz of SEORoundTable (and now moderator of the SearchEngineWatch forums – congrats!) brought to my attention the troubles webmasters have had with 301 redirects in Yahoo. Yahoo SiteMatch reps even recommended creating doorway pages rather than using 301 redirects, and I’ve read that they will treat 301s as duplicate content.

Formula For Keyword Connectivity

The Search Engine Watch forum is off to a grand start with a hyper-scientific keyword research post from Orion, “a formal scientist, with special interest in AI applied to IR technology.” His posts focus on “keywords semantic connectivity and what it can do for improving success across search engines.”

Free Keyword Research Tools
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I was visiting Dan Thies’ revamped SEO Research Labs site and found a couple SEO tools he linked to that may help your efforts.

Wiki Back Link Spam Tactic
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Wiki – I first saw the word in “wikipedia,” though I didn’t know that a wiki had anything to do with the creation of the information I read there.

Google Back Link Update Underway
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It appears that Google’s updated/updating (depending on when you read this) their back links. This means that Google’s evaluating the links to your site and awarding or penalizing it with more links. If you’ve been especially industrious about finding more links to your site you may see a growth in your PageRank.

Banking PageRank For Non-Existant Sites

Our “New Google Bomb” discussion in WebProWorld is one of our most popular to date, but the question remains, how does this phenomenon affect search optimization?

Old Google Link Allows PageRank Sales

WebProWorld’s been buzzing with talk of a link on one of Google’s pages to a page (with PR 9) that sells links. That’s right – it appeared that Google was deliberately sending PR to a page whose business was selling text links to the highest bidder.

AD:TECH – Where Are The Search Sessions?

I caught up with Kevin Lee of Did-It.com in the press room at the AD:TECH conference. He was about to give a presentation at a session on search but he squeezed in a little chat with me.

AD:TECH – Marketing Research Methods

Bonny Brown of Vividence presented Tuesday on marketing research methods. She started with a concept that every brick and mortar company should consider.

AD:TECH – Marsteller Chairman Talks Marketing

I got up bright and early today and headed to the Palace for the last day of AD:TECH. The audience has thinned out considerably.

ADTECH – B2B Marketing Ideas From Siebel And Oracle

Marketing tech is a tough business. Oracle and Seibel think they have it down pretty well.

Bill Carper is the Sr. Director, Global Campaigns And Direct Marketing for the Oracle corporation. As he was on a panel with a representative from Siebel he opened his remarks with the quip, “those who came to see a blood match between Siebel and Oracle are going to be disappointed.”

AD:TECH – 3 Laws Of Ad Landing Pages

Michael Grover is the Director of Marketing for CMP Media. He gave a pithy presentation on ad landing pages, and reminded us of a recent Marketing Sherpa finding – optimized landing pages can increase your sales or desired actions by 400%. He flashed a six foot high “400%” on the projection screen to emphasize this point.

ADTECH: Word Of Mouth Marketing: Tips From Procter And Gamble

What are you customers saying about you online? How does this affect your sales? “Measuring Word of Mouth (WOM) Effectiveness” brought together four experts in the WOM field, including Steve Knox of the Tremor Division of Procter and Gamble.

AD:TECH – Six Parties, One Night

The real Ad:Tech got started once the sessions finally ended yesterday with Tribal Fusion’s reception in the vendor hall.

AD:TECH – eBay Affiliates? They Have Those?

So I was eating lunch today and waiting for Sunny from shntech.com. (We’ve been sharing notes between sessions so we can double our coverage.) As I was waiting, two similarly dressed youngish folks sat down and asked about WebProNews. Webmasters and marketers, I told them, interested in online marketing with an emphasis on organic search.

AD:TECH – The Horizons Of Advertising

John Battelle moderated Monday’s last session, and opened with his intention to discuss the coming five years in the world of advertising.

ADTECH: Honda vs. Bad Blog Buzz: A Surprise Meeting

Peter Blackshaw, the moderator for the “Measuring Word of Mouth Effectiveness” session, opened with a story about his Honda.