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Enterprise Blogging In Practice

Cot’s Weblog gives us interesting insights about internal blogging in the case study Enterprise Blogging in Practice.

Risk Of Becoming Too Peripheral

Academic bloggers, Therese at Emerging Communications writes, “…often choose not to blog about issues that are ‘right on’ when it …

Creative Communication Not For Everyone

Producing interesting or compelling content is creative work. So who is able to do that …

Corporate Podcasting
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There have been reports about it before, but mostly from a marketing perspective.

We Need New Business Blog Stars

ClickZ explains how a brand blog can be measured (via marcomblog). I wanna be enthusiastic about this.

A Widening Spectrum Of European Professional Blogs

I’ve been following the expansion of corporate and organizational blogging in Europe for a while now.

Tsunami Response: The Power Of The Human Voice

The developments here in Sweden in relation to the tsunami disaster tells us a lot about the importance of a human voice.

Corporate Blogging At The Security Awareness Company

Greg Hoffman: “The company has been around for 15 years but blogging has helped brand our company as the premier Security Awareness team in the industry; all while saving us time and money.”

My Blog Will Soon Be Superfluous

Chris Locke asks a question I’ve asked myself a couple of times: “…this is just a thought, but I’m going to say it here anyway, even though I’m a little afraid I might get yelled at …

Why Corporate Boards Should Blog

The IR Web Report provides a long list of reasons for boards to start blogging and 10 thoughts, debates, myths and issues boards might discuss in the hope they won’t need to blog.

Internal Blogging More In Focus – Blog Consultants Beware

Internal blogging is discussed more and more. It doesn’t surprise me. If we compare to web communication in general an intranet is for many companies more effective in terms of ROI than an external site.

Corporate Blogging A Failure For Tower

According to the stillhq.com blogger … his company’s test of internal corporate blogging has been a failure so far.

Me And Bill Living In Different Worlds

What do you say about this … Bill Gates in a Gizmodo interview: “Almost everything that’s being published on the web now has RSS notification on it …

Had A Good Night’s Sleep At The PR Dept…?

Say you buy a Motorala A1000. If you’re like most people you tell your friends what you think. If you’re an ordinary blogger you maybe mention it, or even write a review.

Collective Blogging More Suited For Vortals Than Portals

Breaking News Blog could be a good idea. It is “a collective of bloggers who each focus on a niche news topic”. You can read a bit more about it at ProBlogger and public (mind).

Blogs As Project Management Tools

Cutting Through – A live case study: “Blogs aren’t just for marketing – there are many areas of the business where they can help improve information flow …

Why Blogs Rank High In Search Engines
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To me blogs are a strategic business communication tool. I usually consider the fact that blogs rank high in search engines to be a positive side effect. But I also recognize that for some people search engine optimization, SEO, is a major reason for blogging – and I have found it to be a good reason for others to start thinking about blogging at all. Here’s a list of explanations to why your blog probably will rank high in search engines. And it’s more to it than just the links.

Blog Awards: You Won’t Get My Vote

There are things in life you notice with constant surprise, that you don’t understand all the fuss about. To me all competitions and awards in the realm of marketing, advertising and PR are such things.

Podcasting – A Tentative Critique

Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz will start a podcast in a few weeks time. They will have weekly conversations on communication, technology and other relevant topics via Skype …

More on Blogs

From Fortune To Gigablast. Here’s a few of the blog related stories that have caught my interest the last couple of days… plus a couple articles on other subjects.

Jamba Creates A PR Mess In The German Blogosphere

Jamba sells ringtones in a number of European countries. Their German company got some criticism in a weblog and the message started to spread.

Blogging: This Is My House – Let’s Build A City

Have you ever thought about your blog as your house … And your contacts with other bloggers resembling “life between buildings” …

How Much Internal Discussion Can You Have In A Corporate Blog?

After one more open letter to Bill Gates, this time about creating a Microsoft music player, Robert Scoble is accused of insulting his coworkers.