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Transparency Key To Successful Business Relations

There is a risk that corporate blogs become just another channel in the corporate communications mix.

Bloggers Key In Corporate Knowledge Management?

Bloggers could act as Subject Matter Experts internally. In that way, they could become key players in an organization’s knowledge management.

Is Corporate Blogging a Skillset Yet?

The title question is Steve Shu’s. He’s searched Monster.com to find out if blogging is an actual skillset, something employers ask for in their job postings.

Romano Prodi The Next Top European Politician To Start A Blog

More and more leading European politicians starts blogging. I’ve reported before about commissioner Margot Wallstrms …

Internal Blogs And Wikis At The BBC

BBC is not only trying blogs and podcasting as tools in their core business – publishing – they’re also way ahead of most companies when it comes to internal uses of social media.

Tracking Links Important To Our Conversation

Blog Herald asks “Is tracking links dead?”. I hope not. I have wished for better tools to track conversation before, but we’re still stuck with Technorati, Feedster or PubSub.

Crisis Blogs – Plan Them Well
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Don’t think you can start a blog when the crisis hits you. Even though Oliver S. Schmidt, Managing Partner of C4CS, has “…yet to walk into a crisis situation that wouldn’t have the client partner benefit from utilizing blogs”.

Should We Focus On Relationships To Form Them?

Ok, let’s be slightly theoretical for a while. In a discussion about personalization, socialization, information and relations Bud and Ross disagrees.

Business Risks With Blogging: A Conversation

How much can you say in your corporate blog … A reader contacted me to get my view on this question.

PR Becomes More Valuable With Blogging

The Economist.com asks: Does Robert Scoble, a celebrity blogger on Microsoft’s payroll, herald the death of traditional public relations …

Using Blogs for Project Management
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Project blogs integrated into an intranet will, I believe, prove to be one of the most valuable types of corporate blogging.

Podcasting Continues to Gather Momentum

FeedBurner today manages 1,750 podcasts via SmartCast. That is a significant increase from 750 at the end of 2004.

White Paper On Word Of Mouth Marketing

Highly recommended reading: The new womma whitepaper Word of Mouth 101 — An Introduction to Word of Mouth Marketing (pdf).

Bloggers Are Overconfident Entrepreneurs?

There are risks in blogging. The risk of being fired is evident from several examples. There’s also been talk about the possibility of legal actions against bloggers that say too much publicly (in relation to for example disclosure rules).

Blog Overkill – And More

I’m buried in work at the moment, and can’t find time to blog about all the things I want to. But maybe that’s a good thing …

The Numbers Game In Marketing Is Middle Management Work

Every PR practitioner struggles with questions about ROI. When we’re talking about blogging that same question is present – and I think it should be.

The EU Commissioner Blog Now A “Real” Blog

The blog of European Commissioner Margot Wallstrm is now a fully enabled blog. We find a feed, (moderated) comments and trackback.

The Risk Of Loosing Business Focus When Blogging

A warning for blog evangelists (like myself). We should “…proceed more cautiously when promoting to businesses in such blanket terms that they must have a blog …

Crisis Communications Blogs – Use Them Cautiously

Blogs have a role to play in crisis communications. In some ways those communication features we need in a crisis are inherent in blogs.

Lithuania Joins World of Corporate Blogging

Welcome Lithuania to the world of corporate blogging. I enjoy to follow the spread of this tool, and it’s always nice to be able to add a new country …

500 Years Of Blogging History…

You think you’re an early adopter because you’re using blogs to be heard? Forget it. Martin Luther, Thomas Paine, George Orwell were all way ahead of you.

Do You Know The Bloggers You Read?

Hans Henrik raises an interesting question: How much do you need to know about a blogger to actually feel you know him or her …

Germany: Blogs On Their Way To Media

Things are happening in and around the German blogosphere according to BlogInitiativeGermany.

Early Bloggers Show Way To The Corporate Tipping Point

Gapingvoid talks about the corporate tipping point, “…the point where blogging stops being the supposed realm of freaks, weirdos […] and starts being …