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It’s Official: SOAP 1.2 Is a Standard

The World Wide Web Consortium has released Version 1.2 of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) as a formal standard.

Multitasking on Tap for Palm OS

The next version of PalmSource Inc.’s handheld operating system will support true multitasking, bringing Palm OS 6.0 up to the level of its competitors and delighting developers who had been expecting it in the previous version.

RIM, Palm Team Up

PalmSource Inc. on Tuesday announced plans with Research in Motion Ltd. to run RIM’s wireless e-mail software on the Palm operating system.

Office Embraces XML

When Microsoft Corp. releases a new version of its Office productivity suite, the software tends to be somewhat more approachable, functional and Internet-connected than the last.

Microsoft Aims for ProtectionFrom Users

The word “security” is used a lot by Microsoft officials when they discuss the company’s plan for Next-Generation Secure Computing Base, formerly code-named Palladium.

Borland Heats Up New, Upgraded Java Tools

Borland Software Corp. this week will release new tools and other technologies that reinforce the company’s independent position among development platforms.

Microsoft Braces for Windows Attacks

Now that the long-awaited next version of Windows is in customers’ hands, officials at Microsoft Corp. are bracing themselves for what they know is coming: vulnerability reports, bug alerts and all manner of other security-related issues.

InfoVista Aims to Improve Wi-Fi Management

InfoVista S.A. next week at Networld + Interop will bring more comprehensive performance management to Wi-Fi environments when it launches its new Wireless Fidelity Service Level Management suite.

Beta of Oracle Database Upgrade Is In The Wings

Oracle Corp. aficionados gathering next week at the IOUG Live! 2003 conference in Orlando, Fla., are expected to discuss the impending beta release-and perhaps even the beta code itself-of the company’s next big database upgrade.

Melding IT, Physical Security

Computer Associates International Inc., Gemplus S.A. and several other companies last week announced the formation of a group that is working on open specifications and best practices for integrating information security and physical security.

New Devices Fill WLAN Gap

Several vendors are readying products to help enterprises turn WLANs into managed networks.

Unisys, Microsoft Tackle the Data Center

New and upgraded software from Unisys Corp., Microsoft Corp. and other vendors addresses the need to cut management costs and improve performance of data centers. The efforts are the latest steps in the trend to create data center systems that run, monitor and fix themselves.

Open-Source Movement Gains Ground on Microsoft

A significant customer opportunity is emerging for open-source software, as more state and federal governments loosen their restrictions on implementations of such software. As the trend unfolds, Microsoft Corp. is insisting that it can coexist peacefully with the model.