About Eric Ward

Eric Ward founded the Web's first service for announcing, linking, and building buzz for Web sites, back in 1994. His client list is a who's who of online brands. Ward is best known as the person behind the linking campaigns for Amazon.com Books, Weather.com, The Link Exchange, Rodney Dangerfield (Rodney.com), the AMA, and PBS.org. His services won the 1995 Award For Internet Marketing Excellence, and he was selected as one of the Web's 100 most influential people by Websight magazine in 1997. Eric is a 4-star speaker at Jupiter's Search Engine Strategies conferences, and publishes The Ward Report: Link Building and Content Publicity Tactics.
Expert Link Builders Tell All
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I know you have plenty to read already, but…

Rae Hoffman, aka Sugarrae asked several well known link builders to do a group interview on link development.  See Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview. The results are surprisingly candid and varied, yet share a common thread. 

Yahoo Daily Wire: Goodbye

The Yahoo! Daily Wire, which was an email newsletter that included Yahoo Picks, New & Notable Sites, Full Coverage and Daily Entertainment news has announced it will stop being delivered via email sometime this month.  The notice can be seen below.

Social Media Optimization Don’ts

You have by now likely read many collections of rules related to best practices for social media optimization.

Social Link Spam

Remember the tale “Villiage Wine”, where nobody thought their little bit of wine would be missed from the town festival? Then nothing but water poured forth from the cask on festival day…Social link spam is a similar thing in reverse. My few social self-diggs etc. wont affect things, so why not..?

Sample Link Exchange Letter
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Be very clear with your request for reciprocal linking. After you have thoroughly researched a potential site to ensure they are appropriate and actually do have links to other sites, consider the following: