About Eric Giguere

Eric Giguere is the author of Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program, an introductory AdSense book published by Peachpit Press. Make Easy Money with Google shows the average, non-technical computer user how easy it is to build a money-making blog or website with no experience required. The book steps you through the entire process: finding and creating the right content; registering a domain name; setting up a simple site or blog; joining Google's AdSense pay-per-click program; and driving traffic to your site or blog. Find out more about the book from the companion site or by contacting the author directly at eric@makeeasymoneywithgoogle.com.
When AdSense Makes No Sense

Google’s AdSense program is a proven money-maker that has enriched the pockets of many website owners.

J2ME Core Concepts

At the heart of Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) are three core concepts: configurations, profiles, and optional packages. You can’t write a J2ME application without understanding these concepts, because they determine the features of Java that you can use, which application programming interfaces (APIs) are available, and how your applications are packaged.