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Creating Your Own Employment Security
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“Well, it’s happening. My employer, the County Health and Welfare System, is buying me out. I leave in April, 2002. Seems like a long time from now, but I know it’s really just around the corner. So how do I evaluate my skills? And how do I begin a new career? And how do I deal with the fear of the unknown, of the lack of income (other than the retirement check), of maybe working alone out of this office?”

When Do Start Getting Money and Where Does It Come From?

I received an email during the week from a reader of a recent article “The 10 Most Popular Myths About Running A Home-Based Business Online” (http://www.ahbbo.com/top10.html). That article was, I admit, something of a vent which was long overdue and it struck a chord with many readers who wrote in to let me know that it described their experiences to a T.

The 9 to 5-Home Business Tug o’ War

Perhaps the scarcest commodity the new home-business owner just starting out has is time. This is particularly so if you are also working a traditional, full-time job and building up your business “on the side” in your spare time.

Flushing Out Frauds

“… ALWAYS carry out your own due diligence! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Regular readers will recognize the above language. It comes from the “Caveat Emptor” section which appears towards the end of each issue of A Home-Based Business Online.

Good advice to be sure (even if I do say so myself). But what does “due diligence” mean and how do you do it? Basically, it means to be diligent in researching your proposed business opportunity so you can be as sure as you can be what you’re getting into and why.