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Pricester.com Announces Free E-Commerce Enabled Websites

Pricester.com – a new e-commerce model for the online retail industry and one of the planet’s fastest growing e-commerce portals – is being compared to Napster.com.

Network Systems Design Conference Has “Sexy Expanded Focus”

What’s it like to be the only show focused exclusively on networking system design? It’s like being on top of the world.

Can a Sales Team Ever Really Work Together?

In some form, if we work with others, we are all part of a sales team. We may write the content that is being sold or sell the space that the ads will go in. Either way, without the one, the other cannot survive. Without content, what can be sold? Without an ad to go in the content, how can money be made to pay the content writers? Every one in the office makes the sales department successful or horrible. Chemistry is a must.

Start with the Right Site

Planning a media buy can be a rather complex and difficult thing. You have to worry about click-through rates, content compatibility, campaign objectives, traffic analysis, ad units, pricing and the list goes on and on. These are all important, but the most important decision you will make is picking the site on which to place your ad. Every other decision you make will revolve around this choice.

The Telephone Game

Have you ever played the game where you whisper a message into someone’s ear and they in turn send it down the line? By the time the
message reaches the last person, it is completely different from the original message. Somehow something gets lost in the translation. The same may be happening to you, if you use a third-party ad server that is consistently undercounting impressions.