About Dustin Brewer

Dustin Brewer is a web designer located in Oklahoma City, OK specializing in aesthetics in design, web standards, accessibility and usability. He also enjoys helping others to discover CSS and web design best practices through his web site, dustin brewer, a web design news site.
Acid 3 Test Coming Soon

With the announcement that both Firefox 3 and IE8 have passed the acid2 test, Ian Hickson has been working hard on the acid3 test. The new test will focus mostly on ECMAScript and Dom through Selectors Level3, Media queries and data URIs.

Adobe CS3 Details

Adobe Creative Suite CS3 was announced and the release date ihas been set for April 20th (It did say July 1st earlier though), the software package is going to be coming in 6 different versions and contain a wide array of software.

Adobe CS3 Launch Event – March 27th

Adobe is set to have a launch event of Adobe CS3 on March 27th in New York City. The event will be simultaneously webcast on an Adobe web site for all the world to watch. According to Adobe this will be the largest launch event in their 25 year history.

Recording Directly to YouTube

YouTube has added a feature that will allow users to record their video directly to the web site.

Understanding Color In Your Designs

Most people can grasp the basics of getting the right colors in the right places and ensuring that you are following simple principles when you are designing an item for print or designing a web site.

Online Libel Suits

t looks like the Supreme Court has ruled protection over online libel suits.

Mac Guy Gets Fired

Apple has fired their Mac Guy and is planning on looking for a new person that will better represent Apple to the general public.

Dell Preparing For Quad Core

Dell has announced that they have developed to computers tat will be made for the quad-core Xeon (Clovertown) processor.